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For Sale & Wanted / 1998 bits for sale garage clear out
« on: 18 February 2016, 09:11:45 PM »
OK clearing some stuff from my garage found some bit for my old Fazer 600 on a 98 plate
Chain guard
Rear br arm
OEM pair of indicators
OEM exhaust
OEM screen
OEM br lines
OEM Mirrors
Rubber divider that covers the tool kit area
Don't know if anyone is interested but rather offer them than just let them sit in my garage. I am in the Cardiff area and would rather buyer collect so if you are interested make me an offer per item or as a job lot up to you. They are all dirty and where there are marks I have tried to take pics of them.
I Will add address of pics when I have finished uploading them

For Sale & Wanted / GPS for sale
« on: 16 August 2015, 06:31:54 PM »
Hi there just thought I would post up that I have a Garmin Zumo 390lm with bike and car mounts power cables etc. for sale in very good condition… and also the tyre pressure monitors to work with the sat nav… Just thought I would post to see if anyone is interested if you are local you are welcome to pick the item/s up I will even throw in a cup of tea/ coffee  :eek

Items going live on ebay tonight at 8pm (August 16th)

General / The Fazer Repair Story THE BIKE WORKS WESTON SUPER MARE
« on: 25 December 2012, 01:01:30 AM »
8 thousand RPM bike jumps out of second,

So I end up taking it to

The bike gets stripped down and I was told by Tony that it needed new gear selector forks but the drum had been inspected by himself and is fine. (this was after he was told to get on with the job)

Now his brief was to fix the problem check everything and repair/ replace and only to use genuine Yamaha parts as it was an engine out and strip job to check everything, he was also told it was not a "rush" job but wanted it done.

He did change a rear axel nut and the front sprocket nut and lock washer as well as tapping and placing new exhaust studs as one was damaged, this I had requested to be done as it would be an easier job as the engine would be out of the frame.

After a couple of weeks of the bike being there but not even being touched he was given the hurry up (MOST of the contact was via my brother who lived in Weston and could talk to Tony in person) and he started the work.

After having paid upfront for the parts (not problem from me there) the bike was waiting for parts then I get a call "the bike is ready" so I arrange for a lift to Weston from Cardiff to get the bike.

When I got there I found that the tank had been damaged a number of bare metal circular chips out of the tank but being on a tight time line ( I had to get home in time to pick my children up from the school) I drive it home only to find out that the bike was not repaired and it still jumped out of second, when I spoke to Tony he told me that the bike had not been tested under accelaration up to 8K I then had to arrange for the bike to be delivered back to him which it was the next day.

More time passed and more parts fitted He had told my brother that the nest part to be replaced and fitted he had actually had in his hand whilst stripping and rebuilding the engine but had not checked it! "this time it will be right"

Waiting for parts again and NOPE still not right more parts still not right.

OK last parts to be fitted "confident" this will do the job again no it did not.

By now the only part of the gear selection system not changed was the drum (not including the gear leaver attached to the footrest), as Tony had inspected it and there was no damage to the drum after all being "a BMW trained mechanic with over 30 years experience in all makes and models" (quote from his web site) you would think he could check a part for wear correctly.

Also durring the time it spent at the bike works the battery died, OK maybe one of those things but it just heaps onto my feelings that my bike was not looked ofter whilst in his care.

So after approx 5 Months YES 5 MONTHS the bike comes back to me STILL with the original problem it was sent in with unresolved many £££££££'s paid.

The bike has now been sold. YES the new owner WAS told about the problem with second gear BEFORE he bought the bike
  • In short my bike was given to Tony at the Bike Works Weston Super Mare with a problem he was told to fix it (not to change this or that but to fix it)
  • It was returned with out being tested still faulty
  • the bike had been damaged whilst in his care which he admitted and agreed to repair .
  • More parts fitted this time tested still not fixed
  • More parts fitted again and still not fixed
  • Taken back by my brother and sold
  • This took about 5 Months to happen (the work on the bike not time to sell the bike)
There would have even been a further bill if my brother had not told him not to have the tank damage repaired and given him a computer for his home to cover the rest of his bill.

IMHO AVOID the Bike Works in Weston Super Mare at all cost, he may be OK to do an oil change and such tasks but to have a problem investigated and repaired I would NEVER go near him again.  After all how do you check if you have fixed a problem? you test it jumps out of second at 8K then test it at 8K I would have thought this would have been obvious but apparently not.

I now have a Xjr thanks to my brother who felt really bad as he was the person who reccomended the bike works to me (NOT HIS FAULT IN ANY WAY) but it was down to the bike works that I ended up leaving my Fazer go after 14 years of good service.

General / It's going after 14 years
« on: 08 December 2012, 11:06:58 AM »
Well there comes a time when it is time to let go and mine has arrived. The trusty Fazer is going just spent a pile of money getting the "dropping out of second" sorted and I will be waving goodbye to it soon. Not been put up for sale but it will be shortly and there may be some spare going for sale as well not 100% sure what as yet but will post when I am. Not giving up biking but just moving to an XJR1300sp(F) a fully faired version  :eek kindly donnated by Narked as he is moving onto a FJR 1300
More details to follow

FZS600 Fazer / error code question Help please
« on: 05 October 2012, 02:54:11 PM »
Hi just had my bike back after selector forks being changed (Still jumping out of 2nd so must go back) but had an error code on rev counter:-
Engine revs - 0 - 4000 - 0 - engine revs
anyone know what this one means ????

FZS600 Fazer / Help needed
« on: 23 July 2012, 04:21:02 PM »
Had the bike out today and found that it is jumping out of second gear back into neutral. This is happening when I give it some stick in second it is worse if I am high revving then change up but it did happen when I changed at lower revs then opened the throttle.  :rolleyes

Any help please.

General / places to eat
« on: 02 July 2012, 09:06:13 PM »
Hi myself and some other guys from work are going up to Silverstone Aug 5th and were looking for somewhere to have breakfast about 10 mile radius of Silverstone, looking for a sit down place biker friendly any suggestions for a venue please.

The Laboratory ! / ..
« on: 17 May 2012, 11:20:57 PM »

The Laboratory ! / Test
« on: 25 February 2012, 10:06:40 PM »

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