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Author Topic: Scottoilers "what's wrong with me oiler"  (Read 35113 times)

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Scottoilers "what's wrong with me oiler"
« on: 03 January 2011, 03:42:08 pm »
Originally posted by Gnasher on 19/12/2002

I'm getting lots of people asking me "what's wrong with me oiler"

Basically the weather, remember the temperature has dropped by 15* or so in the last month, we had temps of 15+ in Nov? The oil viscosity will start to drop at 10* and like a stone at anything under 5* so you need to turn them up to maintain the 2 drops per min.

You can't just fit and forget you need to work out 3 main settings

 1. Above 5* = 3 - 4
 2. Below 5* = 6 - 8
 3. Wet = 4 - 5

These are guides as all the units are slightly different and there will be a lot of over factors as well. So check yours daily to see if it's well oiling.

Contact Scottoil if you’re having problems and they will sort it, they also have a customer support page.

Question asked by TCat2001 on 02/01/2003

Q. What’s different between blue and red oil or did scottoiler change over from red to blue?
 I got a Chaintec electronic oiler which comes with Scottoil blue with it but I have red left over from the Fazer?

A. Found this on their site

What’s the difference?
The two oils both have the same chemical make up although the High Temperature Oil is more viscous and therefore slightly thicker, meaning it will flow more slowly in higher temperatures than the traditional blue Scottoil.  Other than that, they’re the same and can even be mixed, so if you’re changing over from one oil to the other there’s no need to drain one out and start again, they’ll blend, saving you waste.

Which one do you need?
Your choice of oils is dependent on the general riding temperatures you usually experience.  Between 0–20 ºC (32-68 ºF) we would recommend Traditional Blue Scottoil.  For higher ambient temperatures, go for the red as it will be a much better lubricant on the chain at those temperatures and will be easy to regulate through the vacuum operated systems too.  The Red Oil has an operating range of 20-40 ºC (68-104 ºF).
In some cases we would recommend you use High Temperature Scottoil if your reservoir is located near to a constant heat source such as the engine as this will warm the oil in the reservoir to the operating range more suited to the red oil.

Bike specific installation guides can be found on there website
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Re: Scottoilers "what's wrong with me oiler"
« Reply #1 on: 10 September 2013, 07:20:53 pm »
Fitted oiler filler main tank and resivoir started engine oil not sucking through. Not even starting. In fact  more coming out of main filler pipe. Any ideas?
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