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Author Topic: HOW TO: Fit a LEDgear Indicator  (Read 34914 times)

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HOW TO: Fit a LEDgear Indicator
« on: 30 December 2010, 02:14:53 pm »
Originally posted by Set Fazer To Stun on 28/12/2006

I finally got round to fitting this during the holiday. It took about 2 hours in total and it really is quite simple. No special tools are required. Comprehensive instructions were included and I followed these. However I also took some pictures as they paint a thousand words.  :thumbup

What you get for your money:

Clockwise from top to bottom. Digi display, bracket and cable. Gear sensor and cable. Scotch lock connector. Black power box. 'O' ring and fixing screws.

First thing is to remove the old gear sensor. This is found under the front sprocket cover. Remove the pinch bolt on the gearshift and slide it off its shaft. Then undo the 5 allen head bolts holding the cover in place. Note one is longer than the other four. I then bungeed the cover up and out of the way. No need to remove it.

Here is what you will see with the cover off:

(Photo not available)

Here it is again only this time with the old sensor cleaned up a bit so that you can see it.

Note the small wire screwed into it near the top. You need to undo this wire and use the same screw to fit the wire to the new replacement sensor unit.

The old sensor unit is held in place by 2 cross head screws. The new one uses allen head bolts supplied with the kit. Before fitting the new sensor you must fit it with an 'O' ring. Once fitted you should then lubricate the 'O' ring, I used some clean engine oil for this. Do not over tighten the sensor as this may cause distortion and subsequent leaks.

The picture above shows the new sensor in place. I routed the cable with the others in that area and went down and around the water pump, this brought it up in the area just below the carbs. From there it was easy to route it up and under the fuel tank. (smile.gif)

Just ensure that you do not trap the cable in the cover or get it too near the sprocket. (thumbsdown.gif)

Next up is to attach the Digi display into position on top of the instruments. To do this you must remove the screen and its rubber seal:

Once removed you can then attach the bracket to the back of the instrument, like so:

For security I used a nut with a nylon insert in it. Re fit the seal and screen.

The kit comes with a black power box. For neatness this is fitted inside the black box which can be found underneath the fuel tank. The fuel tank can be hinged up and then propped up in that position, as shown in the picture below:

Undo the lid of the box and there are loads of wires and connectors inside it. I made no electrical connections from here.

The power for the display should be ignition controlled. I used the + feed from the back of the horn. To use this I added a 'piggyback' spade connector to the end of the BLUE wire from the black power box:

I then attached this to the + feed terminal on the back of the horn. When the horn was replaced I attached the + lead on to the 'piggyback' connector which then provided the ignition controlled power.

All that’s then left to do is to connect both the sensor and digi display to the black power box. Here you can see everything connected up and neatly installed within the black box:

The quality and finish of all of the component parts are excellent and a lot of thought has gone into this accessory. I am well pleased with it (thumbsup.gif)
(thumbsup.gif) The end result is very impressive:

No more looking for that elusive 7th gear for me!!
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Re: HOW TO: Fit a LEDgear Indicator
« Reply #1 on: 12 January 2013, 01:57:37 pm »
Anyone happen to know where I could buy one of these? Love the way that it fits on the clocks!


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Re: HOW TO: Fit a LEDgear Indicator
« Reply #2 on: 30 January 2013, 05:39:16 pm »
Likewise - this looks good and very handy. Anyone know if /where this is available? There's plenty of universal indicators on fleabay but this one looks a whole lot better
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