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Introduction / New member from Wimbledon
« on: 23 April 2021, 04:59:47 pm »
Hi, my name is James and I've just acquired a 2003 FZS 600 and hope to pick your brains occasionally as most of my experience is with old BSAs.

One of my neighbours used to use it to commute to London but with the ULEZ charges for entering central London it was no longer viable to use so he literally gave it to me! She has done 41K and had stood in his drive for at least a year unused. The battery was beyond recovering so I popped in a new one, changed the oil and filter and to my surprise she started straight away. I booked her in for an MOT to see if there were any major issues, she failed on no headlights and a warped rear disc. The headlight problem was down to a poor earth and quickly solved however the rear disc was more of a battle, getting the bolts out was a major headache. With a lot of heat and patience I got half out, two more came out when I welded a bar to them but the final one sheared. In the end I had to drill it out using a pillar drill and an end mill, luckily the thread survived after a clean up with a tap.

Now all legal and back on the road.

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