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Hi, im Raphael from Panamá (central America), sorry for my english, it's not my  native language.
I have a Yamaha Fazer 400 (4yr1), red, probably the only one in the country, recently I had an minor incident with a car, nothing serious just a lot of scratches to different parts of the motorcycle, it was the other person's fault so the her insurance company is paying for everything. Here is the thing, its nearly impossible to find specific parts for this bike here in Panama, so I was wondering if you guys can help me out with websites, stores, etc where I can find the parts that I need, specifically: radiator, rearsets gear shift and rear brake, foot rests both of them, engine covers: left and right, crankcase and cover/generator, levers: brake and clutch and handle bar switches.

From what i´ve been researching it looks this bike was released in 1997/98, not sure because the registration says 2006, I guess it was assembled in 2006?, anyways, I´ve read in this forum that there´s other models like the 1998 Yamaha Fazer FZS 600cc that share many parts and its a much more popular and known bike, so maybe it's easier if I look for specific parts that match between the FZS 600 and FZ400?, also, maybe there´s also similar parts between this FZ400 and YZF R1 1998?.

Thanks in advance, any info will be much appreciated.

If your bike looks like this,
then most parts from the 98-00 model FZS600 will fit. The only real things that wont fit will be engine parts but even some of these may do.

Have a look here for the part numbers

His Dudeness:
Have a look at the parts manuals in the links below. If the part number in the 600 manual is the same as the part number in the 400 manual it means the part is the same on both bikes. Also any part in the 600 manual that starts with 4YR was taken from the 400 bike so you know it's the same part without comparing the numbers. 

600 parts manual;sa=view;down=13

400 parts manual;sa=view;down=18

You should go through each part that you need and compare the numbers. Off the top of my head all the parts you listed are the same on the 600 and 400 except the radiator and the handlebar switches but check the numbers yourself to be sure.

Are you trying to buy brand new parts or used parts? If you want brand new parts you can go to any Yamaha dealer and give them the part numbers and they will get new parts sent from Japan. Or try or

 If you want used parts is probably the best source of 600 parts. If you change your location to uk a lot more parts will come up. Then ask the seller if they will post to your location. Another site is Or you could put up a wanted add in the buy and sell section on here and someone might have what you need
I think the Fazer 400 was made from 1997 to 2001. Your bike was probably imported and registered in your country in 2006 that's why it has a 2006 registration.

The radiator from the boxeyes will fit, but you will need to block off one pipe on the bottom right of the Radiator. This is used to feed the oil cooler behind the oil filter on the 600 which the 400 does not have. Gear shift lever, rear brake lever, foot rests, front brake and clutch lever are all the same as any of the boxeyesThe left side switch gear  from the the later 2000-2003 600 will fit as they have the hazzard warning lights. the right side switch gear from an XJR1300 will fit (may need to change the connector blocks on the switches but that is an easy job)

Thanks so much for the replies everyone, much appreciated, lots of info to work with.
 :) ;) :D

*Sorry for the delayed response, work was intense this past week*


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