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Fazer 400 Rear Light No Power?


Anyone have a clue why my rear tail lights have suddenly stopped working, we have no tail lights or break lights using either break light switch. They have been working up to now with brand new bulbs fitted 2 days ago, I have also checked the bulbs and they do work. This is related to an issue I have had with the front lights which I believe has been subject to a faulty gear switch, how ever I have not yet bought this but all tests have proven so far that switch is the issue.

Does this switch have any dealings with the rear light power?

All fuses checked and ok, what else is there to be checked?

I can not read a wiring diagram, how ever I am handy with a fuel can and match so if there are any suggestions lmao.

Replace the headlight fuse, even if it looks ok

If its like the 600, there is a fuse hidden under the rear panel that can cause this.


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