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Fazer 8 ABS headlight mod

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Hi Guys, has anybody managed to do a modification for the dipped headlights on the fazer 8, i have 2011 new bike, took it back to where i got it from as i requested they wire it so both headlights come on dipped when riding, they have done this for me, but have noticed that when the main beam is switched on, the dipped on that side stays on also, is this ok, or will the bulb get too hot., any advice will be helpfull thanks guys :)

I have had three car owners tell me that one of my headlights are out in three weeks !

LOL thats why i had this mod done, hopefully it will get sorted when its in for its first service, i dont use main beam so not realy a problem, does look nice with both dipped headlights on  :D

Can anyone advice how this modification is made? CMC claycross appear "completely in the dark" because no one has mentioned it to them before! The question is is it simply a bulb swap or does it require wiring change as well?  The bike look "odd" with one "blown bulb".

All I've done is wired a wire from the left light to a new connector to the light that's not working asthe working light cable will take the 110 watts of both lights job done 20 mins another 30 to put fairing back together lol


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