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Title: rev counter gremlin
Post by: sid on 30 December 2014, 08:38:22 pm
hello all, i'm new to the site and have just purchased a fazer1000, late 2004. I'm having a problem with the rev counter. With the bike on the centre stand and started up from cold the rev counter needle continuously flicks between 0 and 8000 revs approx. This goes on for about 5 mins during which time the revs stay steady in spite of what the needle is doing. Does anyone have any ideas about what might be wrong or indeed have any experience of the problem. After about 5 minutes the problem stops and only happens from cold.

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Title: Re: rev counter gremlin
Post by: Millietant on 01 January 2015, 02:48:14 pm
Sid - have a read of your owners manual. The Rev counter & needle are used to show problems with some of the bikes systems. I think the one yours is showing is the one to indicate a problem with your EXUP valve (stuck).

It's not a problem with the Rev counter
Title: Re: rev counter gremlin
Post by: sid on 14 January 2015, 04:03:12 pm
re. rev counter. I have changed the servo for a tested one, however when I plug it in the thing only turns one way and stops. When I only half plug it in the thing works fine. Have checked connections into connector and terminals and all seems fine , Any ideas anyone.

Title: Re: rev counter gremlin
Post by: schlumpf on 14 January 2015, 09:04:53 pm
The servo is controlled by the ECU. Maybe the driver circuit is fried. Swap the ECU with a know good one for testing.
I've no real explanation why it behaves fine when half plug in.
Title: Re: rev counter gremlin
Post by: wthorpy on 25 January 2015, 08:19:05 am
sid, i agree with Millietant about the stuck EXUP. I've had the same problem and fault code on the rev counter. i just tuck out the EXUP blade, gave it a good clean, re fitted and everything works fine.

After cleaning the EXUP a couple of times, i decided to take the EXUP blade out to see what differences this would make. there was no big dramas, the only issue was while cruising along at low revs and giving it a big handful, it didn't have the low down grunt and pulling power unlike when the blades in.

if you like to ride and change gear above 4000rpm why not take the blade out and you won't need to worry about the EXUP sticking again.
Title: Re: rev counter gremlin
Post by: RMT1983 on 28 February 2015, 01:44:45 pm
Specific r/min Faulty electrical circuit
3,000 r/min Throttle position sensor
4,000 r/min Speed sensor
7,000 r/min EXUP system
9,000 r/min Overturn switch