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Author Topic: Fitting a Motrax Universal Indicator Relay – FZS600  (Read 11134 times)

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Fitting a Motrax Universal Indicator Relay – FZS600
« on: 29 December 2010, 09:47:02 pm »
Originally posted by Nooj on 28/02/2009

If you want to fit LED indicators to your FZS600 Fazer, you can get them flashing at the correct rate by wiring a 21w resistor in parallel with each one, or by fitting a new relay designed to work with LEDs. I chose the relay method and bought a Motrax universal one because it was all they had in the shop, but there are plenty of others.

This job really is a doddle, to do it the same way I did all you will need tool-wise is a 6mm drill bit (and a drill obviously) a soldering iron, wire cutters, wire strippers (if you want to do it properly) and a socket set with a security Torx type driver thingy.

Step one:
Remove the left side pod under the seat (left as if you were sat on the bike). This is where you will need the security Torx type driver thingy, for removing the security Torx type screw thingy. Once the screw's out get your fingers under the pod and prise it out.

Step two:
Remove and unplug the relay, the thing in the picture with a red rectangle around it. Take it off, rubber holder and all.

Step three:
Drill a hole in the new relay, to the left of the existing hole, but not too far over, somewhere round here:

Step four:
Behind the old relay you should see a nasty green Yamaha screw. This is one of the screws that hold the air box in the frame. Take the screw out and put it somewhere safe, you will need it again! It should now look like this:

Step five:
Hardest part comes next, cut the two wires coming out of the relay so they are each about 100mm long, strip between 7 - 10mm of the insulation from the ends, twist the bare conductors tightly together and tin the ends with the soldering iron. Don't put too much solder on them, if they are all blobby you can't do the next bit.

Step six:
Screw the relay to the bike and push the soldered ends of the wires into the connector block that the old relay plugged into. Red wire to the outside connector pin, black wire to the middle one. This is what you should have:

Easy-peasy lemon squeezy!
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