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WANTED FZS1000 tank


Am looking for a replacement tank, will be resprayed so minor blemishes not a problem. Bike is currently black.

Please PM me if you have one for sale, cheers.

Your better off looking on ebay I would think as tanks are quite rare -

There is a better one from France, but then you have to deal with import charges.. But this silver one appears to be in the best condition requiring on a bit of filler compared to all the others -


Your other option is to put a request on

Cheers, thought that might be the case but worth a try. Have been looking on eBay but most have fairly big dents. I'll have a look on partfnder 👍🏻

Hi Clunkie,

I've made the decision to break my bike after all. It's a black tank with no rust but a few scratches from clothing and a tiny dent where your right testicle sits! I'm just checking the forum and ebay for prices and will list it next week probably...


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