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FZS600 / Fan packed in....
« on: 25 August 2014, 01:29:36 pm »
Hi folks, noticed my fan never comes on, will try running 12v to it make sure its not the fan, but any idea where I'll find the temp sensors? I have a box eye model from '98 cheers

Hi folks,
How is everyone?
I ride a 1998 fzs600 in black and live near Stoke on Trent.
I have had my fzs600 since passing my test in 2007, and although its done nearly 70k (40k with me sat on it!) its still got the power to pull pork off a pig.
In the process of doing a pre summer (i use that term as it may be sunny one weekend between here and September!) service, done the plugs, air filter oil etc, will be doing carb sync and clutch adjustment shortly, I'll let you all know when i've broke something lol!
I dont know much, i'm open to banter, if  I can help you out I will :)
Ride safe

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