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Introduction / hi guys and gals
« on: 19 July 2017, 11:48:47 pm »

Hi peeps,
I own a 2003 FZS600
I am new to the owners club, so not sure of what the rules are yet, but i am pretty sure that someone will put me right, if i do something wrong.
My name is Tony and I only passed my motorcycle test last month and have owned my Fazer for 3 weeks, had to replace front tyre, then get a
rear tyre flat (marvelous :rolleyes ) no problem though, have to wait until next month to change that one, anyway gives me a chance to do some
minor cosmetic work on it, I am also new to having to do the work on it, I have a mate who can do the mechanical side of things, and i will
do the tidying up, but am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on where I could find a top fairing (square light) or advise me on a couple of things,
like how easy is to [/size]change the headlights from square to the foxlight and can I change the braking system to ABS. cheers.

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