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For Sale & Wanted / Re: Blue 03 XJR1300
« on: 09 April 2024, 05:56:58 am »
Thats one very clean bike, good luck with the sale :-)

@old son

What was wrong with the links for the used, but genuine lockset I gave you in the other thread...?

This hasn’t gone to plan. I was expecting delivery by 4th April. I checked FedEx website on 5th to see they claim they delivered the switch in 2nd. Clearly not the case both my wife and I were home all day. So I’ve paid £194 for the switch and £42 customs with nothing to show. I’ve contacted both supplier and FedEx but heard nothing back yet. Very frustrating.  :'(
Assuming you paid by credit card, file a visa chargeback on the seller with your bank. Make sure to email a copy of all corrispondance shwoing to tried to resolve it to your bank.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Exhaust Headers
« on: 01 April 2024, 04:15:45 pm »
The phrase Sharp was possibly looking for is 'galvanic corrosion' where you have 2 dissimilar metals (Aluminium alloy of the cylinder head and the mild steels of the studs.

If the studs arent badly corroded, and the outer threads are serviceable, then as has been suggested leave them be. If however they are a rusty mess, take it to a professional for them to remove, do not try it yourself and if you can remove the engine as it makes access for that person a lot easier.

For Sale & Wanted / Re: WANTED: 2002 fzs600 ignition barrel/switch
« on: 25 March 2024, 10:41:06 am »
The ones in that ebay link all look like used OEM lock sets, so they shoudl just be a straight swap.

General / Re: Act now: Motorcycles in bus lanes consultation.
« on: 21 March 2024, 01:44:35 pm »
Ive added a link to the Tfl report.

General / Re: How did it come to this
« on: 21 March 2024, 01:39:27 pm »
A f**kwit in a BMW, colour me suprised.

General / What the actual F.....
« on: 20 March 2024, 03:13:04 pm »

As a motorcyclist of over 20yrs I am beyond furious at the complete and utter disregard and lack of respect shown in this ad. I have to ask, where the Marketing/advertising dept. at JDS drunk or on drugs when they created then approved this. How was it possible that at no point, was in a shred of common sense applied..?

It’s bad enough that they have portrayed and painted all young riders, a law breaking scumbags.  But how exactly did they magically think that trainers and tracksuits were somehow now safety equipment of any kind???. But this isnt the first time JDS has portrayed young people as irresponsible and having no respect for other people or their enviroment.

I know JDS aren’t exactly highbrow, appealing to the lowest common denominator. But seriously, what the actual F.

Complete and utter imbeciles.

General / Re: Act now: Motorcycles in bus lanes consultation.
« on: 19 March 2024, 02:03:11 pm »
Come on guys, only 2 replies?

This is important.!

General / Act now: Motorcycles in bus lanes consultation.
« on: 18 March 2024, 09:14:47 pm »
Evening all

The Government has launched a consultation on default access for motorcycles in bus lanes.  MAG has been fighting for policy consistency on bus lane access for many years and urges all riders to respond to the consultation.
Motorcycles in bus lanes consultation

As part of the Government’s Plan for Drivers a consultation has been launched asking for opinions on allowing default access for motorcycles in bus lanes.  The announcement was made on Sunday 17th March and the consultation is open until 9th June.

The Government’s news story led on other elements of the broad announcement.  Mainstream media reported on these other issues including LTN’s and 20mph speed limits.  MAG will be commenting on these issues separately.  However, MAG was quick to spot the launch of the long-awaited bus lane consultation.

Colin Brown of MAG said:

    “It is perhaps not strange that a key policy for motorcycling slips past the headlines.  But for motorcyclists throughout the country this really is an opportunity that must not be missed.  The fight for motorcycle access in bus lanes has been fought one authority at a time for over three decades.  A consistent national policy is long overdue.  I would urge every rider in the country to spend five minutes responding to the consultation survey.”

The Government is suggesting two options.  Option 1 is to do nothing and continue with the patchwork approach currently in place.  Option 2 is to allow motorcycle access by default in all ‘with-flow’ and ‘contra-flow’ bus lanes in England and Wales.  Scotland has devolved powers and cannot be included in this consultation, but MAG will push the Scottish Government to follow suit to create a UK-wide consistency.  Northern Ireland already allows motorcycle access in all bus lanes.

Since the promise of this consultation was made last autumn, MAG has been seeking to get the consultation extended to cover bus gates.  Disappointingly, the Department for Transport has not accommodated what we consider to be a logical extension to the discussion.  MAG will continue to push for motorcycle access through bus gates and other traffic filters.  We are therefore advising riders to mention bus gates and other traffic filters in the final question in the consultation survey.

TfL report that you guys can include in your responses -

For Sale & Wanted / Re: WANTED - 2005 Thou Ignition Barrel
« on: 18 March 2024, 09:32:09 am »
  • I have been looking for ignition barrels on eBay for a week and could not find anything. I even looked at other eBay sites.
  • I checked the Chinese ones and they are not wired correctly, I need two plus, one has 2 wires and the other has 5 wires. I think that is for the lighting, I cant turn the lights off, they are on dip all the time.
  • I think its prolly just the search terms you used, mine were 'fzs1000 lock set'.That and the intenet can be a bit feminin mood swings and give you different data on different days.
  • Well you could just d-pin the connectors, but if the circuit board is different you can just use your existing oem one in the new barrel.
But I suggest just buying that used OEM set.

For Sale & Wanted / Re: WANTED - 2005 Thou Ignition Barrel
« on: 17 March 2024, 11:12:25 am »
As this question has come up a lot, look for either a used or new 3rd party complete lockset on Ebay -

these are link hens teeth, ebay and are your friends.

Nice, I dont buy bike mags that often but will have a look in smiths for this..

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Rough running FZS1000
« on: 28 February 2024, 10:17:16 pm »
Nice one Pie.

General / Re: Looking for MK1 600 tube
« on: 28 February 2024, 10:14:14 pm »
Hello, I'm looking for 2 tubes of MK1 600. Does anyone know a reputable address to recommend? Thank
if its fork tubes, ebay is usefull -

General / London FMT (Anti-theft) meeting with MOPAC.
« on: 20 February 2024, 12:11:47 pm »
Just one week to go till the London Fight Motorcycle Theft meeting. 

This is your best opportunity to get answers to your questions from a senior MET Police Officer, the London Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Sophie Linden, and CEO of the MCIA, Tony Campbell.

Make sure you book your FREE ticket to attend in person or online before they all go (numbers are limited). Book tickets here:


General / London Motorcycle Show
« on: 15 February 2024, 08:57:51 pm »
So I will be down there helping out on the MAG stand on Saturday/Sunday, any of you herberts gonna come down..?

The issue with lowering centerstand for example the rear wheel will touch the ground, and cutting and rewelding either stand should be done by a professional.

There is no reason to modify either stand, but if you must see Grahams post above.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Chain & Sprockets
« on: 10 February 2024, 06:56:13 pm »
standard is what most people use, I would say check the FAQ.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Hard starting cold or hot
« on: 07 February 2024, 08:56:57 am »

You can buy pattern ignition switches for the FZS1000, that and several other Yamaha's use the the same igniion switch and lockset -


But if you can save mony by cleaning the one on the bike, even better.

For Sale & Wanted / Re: FZS1000 2004: Pillion Grab Handles
« on: 07 February 2024, 08:49:50 am »
For sale - Pillion Grab handles for a 2004, FZS1000
These parts are special order rom Japan atm, so if yours are in good/reasonable condition,  its more like £100 plus postage


Ping me some images and I will attatch them to the OP. Also what colour are they..?

General / Re: Insurance renewal - WTF!!!!!
« on: 26 January 2024, 08:50:29 pm »
Martin Lewis recommends renewing 21 days before your insurance is due to get the best price.
Well something has changed as I always used to leave to the last weekend before and always got a good quote, but Im guess thats was when they were supposedly "allowed" to over discounts to get the deal.... c*nts.

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