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Author Topic: Modern-ish bellypan  (Read 74 times)


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Modern-ish bellypan
« on: 05 August 2022, 06:56:37 pm »
I searched for a new fiberglass bellypan, mostly on Ebay. There are a few, but i didn't like the shape. And the price.
So I turned to good old Aliexpress, and found a modern looking belly pan - I mean "engine spoiler" for the BMW F900R/XR. I ordered a set, knowing that maybe I cannot fit it, and have to throw it into the trash. But, for the price (US$ 42) it worth a try. After a lof of cutting and welding converted the BMW specific mounting hardware to fit the FZS, and also had to cut out some plastic on the left to avoid a cooling hose. Here's the result:
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