Date: 19-05-24  Time: 09:28 am
09 October 2019, 10:01:15 am by 2wheelsonly | Views: 13814 | Comments: 0

Hi guys I'm looking for a rear caliper for my 2002 fazer 1000. Has anyone got one for sale? And be willing to post to Ireland. Cheers
21 December 2017, 11:03:33 am by Mikeyfenn1 | Views: 10945 | Comments: 3

Hiya I’m looking to buy a fazer 1000 in wales pls help lol
12 May 2017, 06:38:04 pm by Billo | Views: 9800 | Comments: 0

Hi all, I'm in desperate need of of a water pump outlet pipe for my 02 thou.
Can anyone possibly help me please?
Kind regards
24 November 2015, 04:27:19 pm by billgee | Views: 11002 | Comments: 1

I bought a second-hand 2007 Fazer1000 4 years ago, fully kitted out for touring. nbsp I stored the two hard side-cases until I needed them, but had an unfortunate accident which wrote-off the beautiful b...
30 December 2014, 08:38:22 pm by sid | Views: 14183 | Comments: 5

hello all, i'#039m new to the site and have just purchased a fazer1000, late 2004. I'#039m having a problem with the rev counter. With the bike on the centre stand and started up from cold the rev counter n...
10 November 2014, 10:25:16 pm by Knober | Views: 10761 | Comments: 0

Hi all,planing a trip next year & need some luggage,has anyone on here got any good used hard luggage with racks for sale,for my 09 FZ1s.
19 August 2014, 12:02:26 pm by hawkyzf | Views: 11189 | Comments: 2

 hi,i need help with a knocking sound that is coming from the motor-only when hot,between 2000-3500 rpm,mostly evident on the overrun(when coming back
down),with no knock if under load (...
Aegis Bearing Mel
02 January 2011, 08:11:25 pm by Aegis Bearing Mel
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I have fitted Ivan’s jet kits is to several hundred Fazer 1000s and in the process picked up a few tricks to make the job a little easier and quicker.
Aegis Bearing Mel
02 January 2011, 11:12:41 am by Aegis Bearing Mel
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Hiya all

I’ve been busy doing this so please have a look and tell me what you think especially you guys who'#039ve already fitted FCE'#039s.

Now I'#039m an engineer, I ain'#039t David Bailey...
08 November 2010, 02:21:21 am by GringoRojo
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Originally posted by MikeGTX, alias Falcon 269
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