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Swing arm bolt


Hi, going to grease my swingarm bearings and such, but before I go to halfords an buy every socket between 25 and 32, can someone tell me what size the nut is? :)

Also, do i need to take the swingarm off completely? I've already greased the suspension etc, and got the rear wheel off :)


the swingarm nut takes a 27mm socket. you'll have to remove the arm in order to check / grease the two main bearings. re-torque to 125nm / 92lbft.
if you are local to portsmouth i have the tools you can borrow.

when i remove a swing arm i masking tape an old newpaper to the chain side of the arm for removal and re-fitting - it prevents the chain marking the arm.

Thanks, got the socket today on the way back from work :)

I'm not local enough I'm afraid, especially with a rear wheel missing  :lol but thank you for the offer.

Looks like I'll have it all apart then, which means EVERYTHING will be covered in grease :)

Thank you again,



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