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Where is "Justy 1000 " ???


I need some of his AIS caps  8)  and I can't find his details over this side,which is brilliant by the way   

Falcon 269:
Justy isn't a regular on this site.  Contact him via the other UK Fazer forum here:

Thanks Mike I've posted over there,by the way bike is running brilliantly since your visit to Lincoln dressed as the "ivanator" instant pick up make it handle easier and much better starting and all round performance,fuel economy is not affected at all.
Have got the replacement bolts for the EXUP valve to do this winter :eek
cheers Joe

Falcon 269:
Hi Joe

Just got back from my latest jaunt with the toolkit.  Nice to hear that yours is running so well, too.  :)

I'm sure Justy will get in touch soon but if he doesn't, drop me a line and I'll contact him direct on your behalf.



all sorted Thanks


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