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assembling new clutch

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Hi guys , i'm after some help again  :rolleyes  , i have just bought a new clutch complete (steels & friction plates) as my old one was dragging alot and appeared to be a mix and match affair (previous owners ? ) now the problem i have is because someone else has been in there before me i do not know if the 2 small rings ( clutch boss spring and seat )are facing the correct way as they are slightly curved also which way around do the steels face as they have one face that is very slightly rounded , it does not show on the parts manual and i have no Haynes , any help gratefully accepted  :)
cheers Jeff

Aegis Bearing Mel:
Hi bud, if you have a look at the downloads section at the top of the page there should be a pdf of the workshop manual for your bike.

done that fella , it doesn't mention the orientation of the steels or 2 spring plates ?

Aegis Bearing Mel:

To my eye it looks from the diagrams on 5-38 and 5-39 that they should sit like ))))| but I'm famous for foccin' things up when it comes to spannering.
Hence the DIY Disaster title...

On my manual it shows the flat spring plate on the hub first, with the concave shaped one on next, with the inner edge touching that one, sort of like this / , does that make sense, i could probably send you a page from the manual? see if i can give it a go.. :lol


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