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Ignition Advancer giving off more vibes than standard setup

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As per the old messageboard, I fitted a modified ignition advancer which does give a bit more low-down grunt.

 I balanced the carbs yesterday after doing my valve clearances last week. Valves all set to mid-spec clearances.

Took the bike out for a decent spin today and encountered a lot more vibes than the standard setup, particularly around 4-6000rpm. It clears up from about 7000 upwards but I'm finding it quite irritating....the vibes through the bars are reminiscent of my old Bandit1200, which was part of the reason I got shot of it.

Anything worth trying to fix the problem? Think I read something years ago about adjusting the TPS to compensate......

(Ivan's Slip-on jetkit fitted and an aftermarket end-pipe with the baffle in)

Fiddled with the TPS but still couldn't get an acceptable setup, so I've put my Advancer back to the standard position and she's much smoother again above 4000rpm.
I know a few of our U.S. cousins had problems with the Advancer fitted in conjunction with Ivans, and the great man himself thinks its not the best setup for our bikes.

A pity as I can see plenty of others not affected by this mod

looking at a place that sells the ivans jet kit there is a note at the bottom of the page
This is an R1 motor. Ignition advancers are not recommended unless you have significantly raised the compression!

That's true....except there's about half a dozen people on this site (or at least on the old site) with jetkit & advancer fitted together and no problems

yup, got full monty and ignition advancer and thrown on a 2 teeth larger rear sprox. dont seem to have any problems.
i found it a little more viby with the rear sprox change , as you would expect, it revs higher for the speed your at, but noticed little change with the advancer. seemed to clean the pick up 2-4k rpm but didnt notice more vibes or any good/bad effects above that.

i allways say the true test to any mod is if your bike was replaced with a std one would you do the same mod.
HUGE yes to full monty ivans
Yes to the 2 teeth on the rear
prob not on the advancer, i found no down side but the upside was limited


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