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Author Topic: Setting up YSS rear shock Preload and Sag on FZ6 Fazer  (Read 108 times)


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Setting up YSS rear shock Preload and Sag on FZ6 Fazer
« on: 26 July 2020, 09:57:39 PM »
This is a thread for anyone who, like me, has replaced the OEM FZ6-SA (2006) rear shock with a YSS one.

Because I'm only 64kg I found that the ride was too hard and, after measuring, it turned out that the Rider Sag was only 19mm (it should have been between 30-35mm!)

Unlike the OEM FZ6 rear shock which only has 7 adjustment "steps", the YSS rear shock has a collar on a screw thread which gives a whole lot of potential adjustment.

Of course this also meant that I had *no idea* how much to turn it by to get the sag I needed.

It turned out that adjusting it wasn't actually too difficult, there's a small allen bolt in the middle hole of the collar at the back of the shock (although it's screwed right in, so you can't really see it...) so you need to get in there with a long 3mm allen key (better than the little short one they supply) and take it out, then you can adjust the preload.

For me, I found that unwinding it by 1 full turn gave a 4mm increase in sag, so I then did it by 2 more turns and the sag is now 31mm which feels a lot better.