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First Ride on Sunday

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Took the FZ1 out on Sunday on my first ever ride on it and must say it's bloody fast  :eek

Haven't ridden a bike on public roads for over 30 years but it soon came back after about 20 mins. Stayed out for nearly 3 hrs just sticking to speed limits and country roads mainly as I just wanted to get used to it before I go out on a more regular basis in the summer.

Got muscles aching in places I didn't know I'd got  :D  I think I may have been tensing up a bit. Went past a well known biker cafe while out and there must have been close to 100 bikes there all in close proximity and getting coffee's from some sort of portable outlet...bit risky given the circumstances.

Must admit it felt like the wind was trying to blow me off it...may need a bigger screen!!  :)

Hope you enjoyed it, could be your only ride out for months at the rate things are changing...

Really enjoyed it thanks, gives me enough time to do a few mods to it I suppose given what's happening.

Gonna post a new topic asking for recommendations on a taller screen I think  :thumbup

What speed limits? the ones posted on the signs or the ones posted in your head :lol

Head  :lol


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