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Anyone know of good reflash in the south ?

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Hi all
I’ve got a 2013 gen2 and looking at getting a reflash not necessarily to add performance but improve the drive ability.
Does anyone know of somewhere good in the Essex, Herts, Suffolk or London areas that they could recommend, I’ve looked at hilltop in Leicester which is a possibility but it’s a bit further than I wanted to go and I don’t want to send it away for the work
It’s running standard headers ( not sure if front cat removed)  with an arrow can at the moment I’ve got a PCFC ( not fitted yet ) which I’d use along side the reflash which I feel allows me the flexibility to add/ remove mods as and when.

I can only assume there isn't a reliable company in the south as all my pals, south London based, with late bikes, have gone to Hilltop. Some bike forums arrange block bookings to get a discount with them.

Thanks Robbo,
I was thinking that would be the case but if anyone knew different it would be on here  :'(
Looks like a road trip to Leicester once I’ve searched down the back of the sofa for some funds

I’ve just sent my ecu and received it back all in same week from velox racing based in jersey. Mike Bienvenu, great service and communication. Was £160 all in with return special delivery and £1000 insurance

Hi Mustang
Have you fitted back on yet , What work did he do and what did you think of it ? ( if youve fitted it of course )
Price wise that’s good compared to hilltop but downside for me is no bike for a week although I could get the old gen 1 out of mothballs but she’s sorned and not insured so it’s aggro and my last resort really plus if I’m gonna do that I might as well send it across the pond to Ivan ,money I know but there’s plenty to testify as to his abilities
There are places close ish to me but as IMO it’s the bike equivalent to brain surgery I’m not going to go anywhere unless I know of owners that are happy with work done which at the mo is pointing at hilltop


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