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I used to be able to rummage about under the bike, but with the advancing years. I’m finding it more difficult to actually get up afterwards!
I’ve therefore decided that a Worksop lift stand is required.
Looking around there seems to be a baffling array of stands ranging from cheap eBay lifts to expensive tailor made air powered jobbies.
There’s also variations on a Skylift theme with a single pole giving front/back wheel up poses or level with the use of straps.

I’ve never been able to make a decision so wondered if you guys had any advice?

I’m drawn to something like the Clarke CML3, but I’m open to suggestions.
I’d really like to buy used (cause I’m a tight) but they seem to be as rare as hens teeth!

I've had my Clarke CML3 for quite a few years now and has taken everything I've thrown at it. A couple of times a year Machine Mart have vat free events which would save you a few quid. However, if the Abba Skylift had been available all those years ago I would have gone for one of those as not only can they be stored away, there's the added facility of accessing the underside of the bike, as well as being able to have both wheels off the ground. Second hand CML3's do come up for sale but you'd need a van or trailer and some help to collect one as they're quite heavy.

I got mine from these people. Had no problems with it, good value for money


--- Quote from: agricola on 28 January 2020, 08:34:02 PM ---I got mine from these people. Had no problems with it, good value for money

--- End quote ---

I was looking at this one too. Did you go for the 800 or 1000lb lift?
Looks like the 800 may be a little too short for the Fazer.

I bought one of these thirteen years ago. One of the best things i ever bought for making life easier as you get older and start noticing it.
The one i got is identical in size to the 800 lb one you are looking at. I find it plenty big enough for my 600 Fazer but i guess an advantage of the bigger one is there's more room on the table for all the tools and bits and pieces that end up on it from the bike. In my case I wouldn't want anything bigger because I've not much room to spare in the garage, but if space isn't a problem then the 1000 one might be a better bet for the extra cost. There are some about that aren't even the length of a motorbike unless you include the ramp, which I would certainly avoid. Not surprisingly you see them for sale secondhand!
I've never found a need to remove the lift out section at the back to remove the rear wheel. On mine (like the 800) it could do with a longer ramp so it's not so steep when pushing the bike up. Be aware the whole thing has a tendency to slide forward when the front wheel starts to go up the ramp, even with the front two jack things screwed down. I lost balance and nearly dropped the bike when this unexpectedly happened. I always chock mine at the front with a length of timber to the base of a solidly mounted lathe in front.
As already stated they are a heavy piece of kit and not a one man job to get in a van or on a trailer.
Definitely brinks a new joy to messing with the bike.  :)


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