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Author Topic: *•.★☆☆ SPRING MEET 20 YEARS!!! - 22 > 25 MAY ☆☆★.•* ## TO CANCEL ??##  (Read 955 times)


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Well would you believe it? 20 Years of the “original and best”TM S P R I N G   M E E T!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we will be frequenting the now established location at West End, unsurprisingly on the Spring Bank Holiday weekend Friday 22 to Monday 25 May 2020.

Some changes to the usual format in light of this 20 year milestone:
  • following consultation with the Spring Meet Entertainments Officer (Heath) there will be bands on both Friday and Saturday nights (details below)
  • as 10 years ago - fireworks !  … but this is tbc dependent upon numbers (cost consideration)
  • a follow on tour for those who want it/can afford it - summary below to be elaborated in a separate thread

Same as previously:  West End Outdoor Centre, Bank Dike Hill, Thruscross, Harrogate, HG3 4BA - this postcode will take you past it - Sat Nav Coords: Lat:54.013713 Long:-1.779242

Spring Bank 'Oliday weekend i.e. arrive Friday 22-May - stay for three nights - fek off 'ome Monday 25-May (Bank 'Oliday)

Venue hire is £1100 for the three nights (same as last year) which ~ £37 per person per bunk total for the full three nights - still a  'kin bargin!
Total 'all in' for bunk, food, booze will be £110 (currently) see Pricing Summary below.
## camping and dossing down is free as previously ##  but if all bunks are not filled then a contribution will be required from campers/dossers !!
Deposits and Payment
Normally those who subsequently cannot make it will get their deposit/money back assuming the place can be passed on.  Otherwise the shortfall has to be covered by those who have attended.
As every year you have plenty of time to ‘book the time off’; that said I appreciate "stuff" happens and can't be avoided - be assured I will try me very best to refund you if this happens and your excuse is genuine. I have already paid the £200 deposit to secure the booking. I need to pay the FULL balance for the accommodation (by the end of April).
On this basis I will be expecting a minimum deposit (per bunk place) of £50 no later than 31-March.Priority for bunk places will be given to those paying deposits -  A deposit can be any amount £10 or upwards but only full £50 will secure your place.  Multiple deposits are fine but I'd prefer it all in one i.e. for bunks the full £50.
I will be expecting payment IN FULL (i.e. total inc. food) no later than two weeks prior to the meet. If you have not payed in full by 8-May then, if demand, your place will be offered to others. Deposits will only be refunded in exceptional circumstances or your place is taken.  If your place is taken, the person taking it pays me the difference between the deposit paid (by you) and the total amount payable i.e. you are responsible for recovering your deposit from them yourself (obviously I will put you in contact with them).  Anyone dropping out at the "last minute" will only be refunded in exceptional circumstances.
will be ca. £70 per head -  tee-totalers get a corresponding reduction on the cost; reduction if you don't drink alcohol ca. £20.
Veggies note as I will still be buying you some veg food then as this roughly equates with the cost for BBQ and breakfast meat there is no reduction. You need to tell me what you want - alternatively if you want to cater for yourself (bring your own or eat twigs and leaves from outside etc) then a ca. £12 reduction applies.
This has always been a three night event for the bunks.  If you want to stay for less then fine, but again I've booked for three nights so you pay for three nights.  Popping over for one night only? Normally anyone who turns up on the Sunday (or other night but there is unlikely to be any spare bunks on the Fri and Sat) and takes a vacated bunk chucks some money in the kitty (assuming you want to eat and drink) - £25 for Friday or £35 Saturday.
Note if you are camping or dossing you only pay for the nights you are staying.
You can pay me by Bank Transfer or PayM using my mobile number (or Paypal but bank transfer my preference...) - note the bank details changed three years ago! so check first before paying - the correct/valid account number ends ….4567.
##DO NOT## use the PM feature to contact me - use email, Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger!
Pricing Summary (guide)
Bunk + Food + Meat + Booze = £110 per person - for campers £73
Bunk + Food + Meat = £90 per person (teetotalers) - for campers £53
See note above for vegetarians (and god forbid vegans :pokefun )
These are subject to confirmation but generally any uplift has previously been less than £5 per person overall.
Saturday Entertainment
Friday night - Reload (same band as last three years)
Saturday night - Kindred (recently discovered by our resident A&R man Heath)
Sunday - entertain yer fekkin sens

Sufficient quantities of alcoholic and non-alcoholic are provided as usual.
As always there will be the usual (my excellent local butchers) BBQ fayre for the Friday and Saturday nights together with the usual snacks etc. For Sunday night: tbc
There will be a stupendous full cooked breakfast on the Sat and Sun mornings subject to volunteer cooks!! (Neil) and washer uppers)
Camping (FREE)
Camping is free (just pay for food/booze/entertainment) - unless all bunks are not filled in which case a contribution will be reqd!
Dossing Down Inside (also FREE)
Dossing is free (just pay for food/booze/entertainment) - unless all bunks are not filled in which case a contribution will be reqd!  This is an alternative to camping but all you need to bring is a sleeping bag and it’s warm and dry!. This option will be limited to a maximum of ten people (due to space and I only have five airbeds - and I really can't be arsed).
Follow on Tour - “Stags in the Ring” (Nurburgring)
There was some talk about changing the venue for this year to somewhere posher or even going abroad, however, as i) the venue is part of what makes the meet and ii) flitting off to some exotic location (e.g. big villa in the sun) would be cost prohibitive for many, consensus was to arrange a follow on trip across the water, likely into the Fatherland to take in the Nurburgring.  The detail for this is in a separate thread:

Booking Summary

Note to those who have paid deposits already - check I have got this right!

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Re: *•.★☆☆ SPRING MEET 20 YEARS!!! - 22 > 25 MAY ☆☆★.•*
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Re: *•.★☆☆ SPRING MEET 20 YEARS!!! - 22 > 25 MAY ☆☆★.•*
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Hi Moff put me down for a bunk please.


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Re: *•.★☆☆ SPRING MEET 20 YEARS!!! - 22 > 25 MAY ☆☆★.•*
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Can you book a bunk for me as well. Deposit should be in your account


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Re: *•.★☆☆ SPRING MEET 20 YEARS!!! - 22 > 25 MAY ☆☆★.•*
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Just sent you £50 Moff  :)
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Re: *•.★☆☆ SPRING MEET 20 YEARS!!! - 22 > 25 MAY ☆☆★.•*
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Put me down for a bunk please, loved it last year. £50 paid
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