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Ivan kit and revisit to cold starting

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I tried to put up with the ongoing cold start problems I’ve posted about before with the view that maybe it’s normal behaviour.
However, even if I left it idling for a couple of minutes it would still bog down really badly when I tried to drive off.
As we live off a busy junction it was getting dangerous trying to merge with traffic when the bike would just lose power when I let the clutch out and put the engine under some load.
When I did manage to coax it into moving It would be OK after a quarter of a mile or so.
From then on it pulls ok and idles with no issues.
So, I’ve decided that there is still something wrong with the carbs.
This time i decided that if I’ve got to whip them out again I also want to fit Ivan’s kit.
So The carbs are off the bike but before I fit Ivan’s kit I wondered if someone could offer advice on what I should look for in the cold start circuit.
All the plungers are moving and from the outside everything seems ok.

I have found the 1000 to be a cold creature and needs a few minutes to warm up before riding off, otherwise it will keep bogging down until it does warm up.
My method is full choke start it up and let it run on the choke until the revs drop, then choke off and away.

My experience with cold stating is first turn on the ignition and give the pump time to prime. I noticed if you just turn on and fire straight away it would be difficult to start and bog down. May be I just have a slow priming pump, but it works for me and I use about half choke.
After I had my bike Ivanised I found the bike more difficult to start at first. I now find the bike a bit more temperamental and may need a few goes to start.

Thanks for the feedback guys.
I find that I use full choke to start but the revs never really increase to a fast tickover  like I’m sure they used too.
If I don’t back off the choke almost immediately it will die, so I have to hold it on the throttle until it will tick over.
I then leave it for a couple of minutes before trying to move off.
I also let the pump stop clicking so assume it’s fully primed.
I see the choke mechanism can be removed/replaced but at £80 a carb I’d rather not f**k them by fiddling.
I think I’m going to have to have a look though!

What's  your air filter like?


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