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TFT Dash for the Fazer 1000 / FZ1

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Hi all,

I love my FZ1 too much so for a little while I've been working on a TFT Dashboard for it. The stock clocks on the FZ1 really could do with an upgrade. Here's a screenshot of the TFT Dash in the 'blue' theme. (The Dash has multiple colour themes you can choose from).

The bike interface hardware has now come along quite nicely in the past few weeks, and I've just sent off for my production PCBs so I can start making a few of these.

To see my prototype in action on the bike here's a video: (The video shows the display in it's default theme with a white background - daytime mode)

A few things still need to be sorted like:
- Mounting options for the display, ideally these need to mount perfectly onto the stock bracket.
- Mounting positions for the bike interface. It is plug and play so no modification to the bikes wiring is needed. Just unplug your clocks, and plug in the TFT Dash interface.
- Software needs a little bit more tweaking.

Any info or questions, let me know.


That looks genuinely impressive. I reckon its be a great mod for the faired/fazer version but not sure I'd get away with on a naked one.
But yeah well done mate, it's looking great

Looks great, be interested in one of these for sure

Looks good, would be interested in one, obviously price dependant

Hopefully Max Speed is something that is configurable or is cleared once the ignition is off, not something you want visible if you're stopped for speeding  :'( or anything else in reality.


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