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Author Topic: EU plans 11 new safety measures for all new cars after 2021  (Read 213 times)


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You may have heard some claptrap about new EU speed limiters. Well it's not true.
It's just adaptive cruise control connected with GPS that can be switched off.

More important other bits are emergency braking, lane keep assist and fatigue monitoring by 2021.
Automatic emergency braking will be life safer against old ladies T-boning your bike prince Phil style  :lol

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Re: EU plans 11 new safety measures for all new cars after 2021
« Reply #1 on: 13 April 2019, 11:14:08 AM »
There are some sensible things but many that will mean we are sleepwalking into an ever deep state government, monitoring / monetizing everything we do and everywhere we go.
" An accident data recorder – similar to an aircraft's 'black box' – must be fitted to all new cars sold from 2021 to record telematics information leading up to a collision."
Next step from here is that insurance companies will be able to charge you extra when you travel along danger hotspots or at certain times of the day/creep over the speed limit. Yours and other peoples data will  be gathered from the places you have visited will be sold on to 3rd parties to build a picture of the optimum position to place adverts - shops.
I remember a lot of opposition to the intrusion of our privacy in the early days of the introduction of cctv in the streets -   How have we gone from opposing them to actively wanting them. Now every car will be fitted with front and rear cameras recording your travelling not only from your own car but from the viewpoint of the one in front and the one behind you, constantly being uploaded to the cloud via evil 5G.So as I say hidden away under the auspices of "safety" is the real reason for the state to want-mandate/force the tec.     

And non of that would prevent bikers T bone unless you add side view cameras too
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