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There is a micro pressure sensor in line with the shift rod, as soon as you apply pressure to the lever the sensor signals the electronics box and kills the ignition for a predetermined amount of time, usually between 0.05 and 0.2 second.
This kind can be had for about 250 gbp.
The down side is that the injectors are still firing and with modern pistons having thin crowns you could conceivably shorten the life of your pistons through detonation because you have more than one measure of fuel in the cylinder when it starts firing again.
To prevent this there is another kind that also connects to the injectors but they are way more expensive and complicated to set up.
Just to put some numbers to this. At 8000 rpm the injectors and plugs are firing at 33 times every second.
So if you cut the ignition for 0.1 second you are still getting 3 times more fuel in the cylinder than you should have.

quickshifters cut the ignition to each coil via their own pattern but that momentary ignition cut doesn’t mean that the cylinder will have more fuel in it the next time it fires, the unburnt fuel will exit out of the exhaust valves in the normal way.


--- Quote from: tex on 28 November 2018, 06:00:34 PM ---I've got the h&m one on mine , works well , easy to install and set up, connects to the coil and cuts them when you move the lever up, has 3 sensitivity modes.

--- End quote ---
Any other installed this? Does it work both ways? Just want to know if it's wise to spend over 300 pounds on this or not

  For track days and racing I can understand having a quick shifter, but on the road I fail to see any good reason for one.  :rolleyes

There can't be one surely? quickshifters,antiwheelie,seamless boxes,etc,etc,fuckin'etc.load of bollocks on the road. :groan


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