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never ever used one, had a blast on my mates tracer 900gt and it was excellent


--- Quote from: VNA - BMW Wank on 24 February 2020, 06:35:47 PM ---
As far as I am concerned quick shifters are for racers.  Clutchless shifting without one is easy, anybody can do it.  Leaning to brake and blip the throttle whilst going down the box ain’t that hard either.  Learning these simple skills adds pleasure to riding a bike.

So quick shifter – it’s a no thanks from me.

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:agree Same here VNA cannot see any good reason for having them and/or not being able to switch them off on road bikes.
Wonder if you just replaced the shift shaft and left the quickshifter connected and tied up under the seat what effect would it have?


--- Quote from: unfazed on 20 February 2020, 07:07:33 PM ---  For track days and racing I can understand having a quick shifter, but on the road I fail to see any good reason for one.  :rolleyes

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It´s ONLY for the noise and spitting of fire.....sound and fire are dear to me! :) (and i got launchcontrol on it as well wich is fun AF)

 :thumbup :thumbup  to quickshifters, I think they are great. Haven’t got one one on my thou, but will probably fit one at some point. If you like to pin the throttle and snick up through the gears get one.


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