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New technique? Cleaning brake pistons.

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Just done my calipers using the rag technique, and it did the trick perfectly 👍

Get it in the top tips as a sticky!


--- Quote from: stevierst on 24 October 2018, 01:06:31 PM ---Just done my calipers using the rag technique, and it did the trick perfectly 👍

Get it in the top tips as a sticky!

--- End quote ---

Excellent - glad you like it ;-)

I'm happy to do a proper write-up... but don't know where to put it... or how to make it sticky - is that an admin-only thing?

The forum could do with a non-model-specific section coz stuff like this applies to all Fazers (and all bikes), not just the 1000.

So the Sealy piston removal pliers arrived yesterday and I did my right-hand caliper today. I ended up using the rag-strip technique to clean the pistons all round (gave up using a brush as the rag worked better all-round), then pushed the pistons outs a bit to get to the strips that were hidden inside the caliper but outside of the seals, if you see what I mean. I then buffed up the bits of the pistons that I could see and then used to pliers to turn them round to buff up the bits of the pistons that had been hidden in the small-clearance section. Happy with that - I could see the pistons were in good condition and shiny-clean all round before I pushed them back in.

Cheers robbo - top bit of kit.

I *was* happy with the job... until I tried spinning the front wheel and found that with a good heave it only manages one rotation. I can also hear slight rubbing. Without the calipers the front spins freely so the bearings are fine. The discs don't get massively hot but still, it's not right.

Is it worth lubricating the pistons as it advises in the Haynes manual (silicone grease)? Would that make any difference? Or, as I suspect, is it going to be crap built up behind the seals causing the seals to grip the pistons? Or the seals themselves swelling for some reason and gripping the pistons? Either way, that means a proper overhaul. Bugger.

Anything I should be aware of doing a full overhaul? What's the best way to clean out the seal recesses given the difficulty in accessing them? In the past I've found muck in there that needs cleaning out.

Lid off the master cylinder, then try pushing them in a little more. It could be that one of the pistons has crabbed, so they might need to be pumped out a little again, checked for squarness to the bores, then eased back in again. Failing that, it might be that you need to pull them out for seal replacement etc. To clean the crap out of the seal locations, I use a small pick tool. There are normally three in a set, one right angled, one oblique, and a straight one. Soak the crap first with something like penetrating fluid to loosen it up. Dont scratch the bores


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