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Gen1 Fazer 1000 FAQ for New and Prospective Owners

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I only bought the bike a couple weeks back and I thought at the time " chains a bit slack, must tension that up a bit" never did do it, and reading your write up I can see now it's just how it should be. I'm starting to think the bike must have been owned by a foccer, before the feller I bought it off, all the signs are there, sensible mods and upgrades, exup in GWO, been well looked after and maintained.


--- Quote from: PieEater on 16 November 2016, 01:33:21 PM ---Thanks chaps, will have to leave it to a Gen2 owner to step up and write a Gen2 FAQ.

--- End quote ---

Wouldn't be very interesting, "same as above, but smaller fuel tank, so fucking useless really"  :moon

Hi - great information for new owners and some of them I've already come across over the years!
Maybe mention that a Meta alarm will likely be nearing the end of it's life and could require removal as the dead battery inside it is a non-replaceable item. 


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