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Author Topic: newbie  (Read 663 times)


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« on: 02 March 2012, 07:03:33 PM »
hi all....looked at this site many times and thought it about time i signed up....had my fazer for nearly 10 years now and surprise,surprise its a red one made in 1998,just coming up to 40,000 miles with no real problems,iam based in south bucks and also own a 75 honda 400/4 and a 82 suzuki x7 :)
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Re: newbie
« Reply #1 on: 02 March 2012, 07:31:08 PM »
Hi all, same here another newbie, I own a met grey 1000 Gen 2 - ace bike, toured around Scotland this summer (over 1500) miles and it never missed a beat. Had a Tiger 1050 before that and although a great touring bike and engine, when pushed became scary. The Fazer handles in another league in comparison, combined with an engine that wants to get you into trouble (I should know better at 41).

Wife also had a FZ6 last year which I got to try a few times on early Sunday mornings, also a top bike, loved the flickability of it.

Just finding my way around the site, looking for info on switching to a K & N / BMC / Pipercross filter and possibly pipewerx can to save a bit of weight.   See you.  :)

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Re: newbie
« Reply #2 on: 02 March 2012, 11:53:13 PM »
Welcome to the site Red98  :)
Welcome to you to Hebbo although it would be better to start your own thread lol. Ask your questions in the thou corner, your sure to get an answer  :)
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