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Introduction / Old git with newly acquired FZS600 Foxeye.
« on: 11 July 2017, 04:04:05 PM »
Watcha, I'm Charlie, 62 years old (how the hell did that happen?) had bikes most of my life but due to arthritis in my right shoulder, I've just acquired a 2003 Foxeye 600 in the hope that the more upright riding position might be a little less agony inducing.

The bike was being offered for sale in the same town as myself (Wellington, Somerset) so I think that locality played a large part in my purchasing decision which in turn blinded me somewhat to the mess the flippin' thing was in.
Put a spanner in my hand and disasters are never far behind, I'm much more at home playing guitar or building computers but needs dictated, so I jumped in at the deep end.

So....fork dust seals replaced, front wheel sprayed, upgraded speedo rotor fitted (old one was shattered), chain and sprockets replaced with upgraded front sprocket nut fitted (such fun taking the old one off single handed....not!), old rusty manifold nuts replaced with stainless domes, new EBC pads all round, new oil, plugs and filters and endless hours of grime removal (the grease monster I discovered inside the front sprocket cover was indeed a sight to behold....see below).

Only two major cockups along the way, forgot to grease up the new speedo rotor so first test ride produced a screaming noise from the front wheel somewhat akin to a pig being murdered and I also routed the speedo cable incorrectly which resulted in the disc wearing through it, quite entertaining seeing the speedo registering over 160mph whilst crawling round Somerset lanes doing no more than 30 though!

Still need to sort out a few bits of graunchy bodywork but I'm almost there and I must say I love the bike. Really nippy when needed, fabulous brakes, half decent wind protection, slightly kinder to my knackered shoulder and the thing just loves the twisties, in all my 45 plus years of riding I've never known a machine so confidence inspiring when cornering, I'm never going to scrape the footpegs but at least my chicken strips are no longer deeply embarrassing.

Anyhoo, nice to meet you all. I'm sure this site will prove to be an invaluable resource as more problems rear their ugly heads!


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