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General / Re: Mental Case
« on: 21 March 2015, 10:39:01 AM »
That guy is a bit of a special. I had a look at his website when you posted this the other week. Curing people with mental health issues by hitting them, great idea  :thumbup .

What an asshole.

Which newspaper printed him?

General / Re: and i'm back
« on: 18 March 2015, 06:10:48 PM »
Nice ride.

And Scotland, yip.

General / First run of Spring :)
« on: 18 March 2015, 06:08:11 PM »
It was a beautiful day in the West coast of Scotland and I had my first proper run this year. I took the Stewarton road to Kilmaurs, then on to Portencross via the A78. From there I jollied up to Largs for a coffee at Nardini's. Lots of bikes there  :thumbup . I then headed to Lochwinnoch via the A760, then on to the A737 for the last half hour. Great wee day out.


Let's see some pictures of your first run of Spring  :)

General / Re: St Patricks day
« on: 17 March 2015, 09:12:41 PM »

General / Re: The perfect workspace
« on: 17 March 2015, 07:54:32 PM »
Well its been about 15+ days graft sorting the foundations, drainage, damp, subsidence, painting it, tossing out the junk, building storage and sorting everything... But I am finally (almost?) there  :D .

Happy as F-O-C!

FZS600 Fazer / Re: tyres
« on: 17 March 2015, 12:36:44 PM »
I fitted a pair of Metzeler Z6 to the bike before the tour last August. they have done about 4000 miles so far and are still good. The rear has maybe the same again and the front looks new. Wet grip is good as long are your ok not getting your knee down, and the dry grip you can scrape the pegs (I can't, but in theory  :lol ).

They were a really good price too, as the Z8 is the new model.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Fork seal sizes
« on: 17 March 2015, 12:31:01 PM »
I agree. Its the same for nuts, bolts, washers, bearings and gaskets. Yamaha (and everyone else) rip the arse out it when you can buy perfectly good quality, British or Japanese made, stuff for buttons.

General / Re: Intercoms and the like
« on: 14 March 2015, 11:04:10 AM »
Radio technology is old hat and one dimensional. I know it works, but it is not adaptable to modern life. Go down the bluetooth route. That way you can connect to each other  :thumbup  You can also independently listen to music, sat-nav or any other bluetooth compatible device  :thumbup   There is no massive radio in your pocket, so its less weight and bulk :thumbup  The price is about the same :thumbup  And they look a hell of a lot better :thumbup .

I have used a bluetooth headset for the last couple of years. My mate has the same one and we can chat when we are touring. He can listen to the directions from my Garmin Zumo, so doesn't have to "follow me", we can each listen to our own music and we can make and receive calls.

General / Re: What bikes do you have in your garage?
« on: 10 March 2015, 04:26:53 PM »
And a dead bird that has been ripped apart by the looks of it.

Yeah. What a bloody racket it made. It gave a good fight though, but ultimately lost.

General / Re: The perfect workspace
« on: 10 March 2015, 03:07:47 PM »
The weather is good today, so I am currently between coats of floor paint and trying to kill 4 hours. But I can't leave the house as all my stuff is lying outside  :rolleyes .

I should have the painting finished today. I have decided to put panels up on the ceiling to help retain some heat and keep the cold out a bit more. I will try get that done in the next couple of days.

Here are a couple of pictures

General / Re: What bikes do you have in your garage?
« on: 10 March 2015, 02:41:31 PM »

General / Re: Bluetooth Headset install advice.
« on: 10 March 2015, 02:41:03 PM »
I just bought some from mandors fabric store. I got some heavy duty stuff. It has kept my camera on my helmet for over a year, although I have removed it many times on purpose to recharge it or take the card out. It remains on there solid, through 10 countries, a few laps on the Nurburgring, horrendous weather and more.

I thing it was about £1. Possibly less

General / Re: Bluetooth Headset install advice.
« on: 10 March 2015, 02:18:23 PM »
Sometimes it takes fresh eyes to identify a solution.

And sometimes other people are just better at some stuff than you  :lol

General / Re: What bikes do you have in your garage?
« on: 10 March 2015, 02:15:50 PM »
Tuono, Thunderace, Fazer, CBF & a Sum-Up.

Although... None of them are in the garage just now because it's getting painted. I think they still count though, right?

General / Re: Bluetooth Headset install advice.
« on: 10 March 2015, 01:45:47 PM »
Ditch the U-clip and use adhesive Velcro. You can get some seriously strong stuff. I use it to fit my go-pro to the helmet.

General / Re: What's your single most recent motorbike purchase ?
« on: 09 March 2015, 09:13:01 PM »
A big Italian supertwin and a Carbon Fiber helmet to match.

Not wishing to diss' anyones ride, but what does that fairing look like in the flesh, not sure if it's the angle of the photo or the light, or the lens cover, but it looks distinctly odd ...

It's one of five bikes, so no offence taken. If you had insulted my Fazer that would be a different proposition altogether.  :lol

How do you mean odd? And what fairing? Its a naked bike, last I checked...

For Sale & Wanted / Re: FZS600 98 Luggage Rack
« on: 06 March 2015, 11:55:09 PM »
Its a Ventura luggage rack and is compatible with the whole luggage range. Not sure why your selling it mate, but if your keeping the bike, I'd recommend keeping it and buying the extension bracket and tail pack.

Here is a picture of mine, loaded up for 17 days around Europe. It was perfect, took all my gear, including camera stuff and gifts bought on the road, and kept everything dry too. It's really good shit.

General / Re: What's your single most recent motorbike purchase ?
« on: 06 March 2015, 11:36:53 PM »
I would agree, but so far I have only brought it home from Glenrothes in -2C Snow!!!  :lol

The Sprag Clutch is gubbed. First job in the new workshop? Maybe.

General / Re: The perfect workspace
« on: 06 March 2015, 10:40:49 PM »
And here is the plan for the layout.

General / Re: The perfect workspace
« on: 06 March 2015, 10:38:47 PM »
Foccin 'ell. What a way to spend my week off. Well, two weeks off. The weather has been ok, apart from the wind. On a test run last month my gazeebo thing got trashed. I repaired it and it has help up well. Until tonight. It had been fine all day. Then I called it quits at 7 o clock and went inside for a bath. Got out the bath and the gazeebo is all over the place  :rolleyes . Pictures of that tomorrow.

I have the workspace empty and the painting is about half way finished. Tomorrow I am going to paint the wooden beams grey and make the first coat on the floor.

Then (probably on Monday and have a rest on Sunday) I am going to do the second coat on the floor and paint my go-faster stripe.

The rest of the week I will pick through what is going back in, cleaning everything and building my new work benches - a metal one with a vice and pillar drill, and a wooden one with a bench grinder and work lamp. Both benches will have backboards that will accommodate tools and parts bins.

Oh, and I am having 20-25 A3 laminated posters made up. Just searching the net for some great pictures that reflect me, my space and offer a little inspiration.

General / Re: What's your single most recent motorbike purchase ?
« on: 06 March 2015, 10:13:38 PM »
A big Italian supertwin and a Carbon Fiber helmet to match.

General / Re: Glasgow - Pubs - Somewhere to go
« on: 05 March 2015, 09:37:33 PM »
I don't want top be a buzz kill, but I know the band that were playing in the Clutha that night. It's just a personal association for me mate. No harm done. 

General / Re: Glasgow - Pubs - Somewhere to go
« on: 05 March 2015, 09:16:03 PM »
Just stay out of any that have a big, white "H" painted on the roof  :b

Should I post this? Is it a bit cruel? Maybe it's too.....oops, foc!  :lol


General / Re: Torque Settings??
« on: 03 March 2015, 09:04:45 AM »
I have a Haynes here. If there are a COUPLE of specific ones you are after, I will get them for you. However, the torque settings are not all listed together, so I won't (read - not spending all day  :lol ) be able to get all of them for you.

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