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General / Re: Terrible news from sepang Moto GP
« on: 23 October 2011, 02:32:03 PM »
Absolutely tragic.
Don't want to imagine how Rossi and Edwards must be feeling.

« on: 23 October 2011, 02:25:41 PM »
You can safely turn off AVG to see whether it's that that's slowing things down by making sure you're not connected to the internet first. Turn off your router then check you're not getting a connection via anyone else's wifi (if you are you can disable that in the control panels). Once you're sure you're isolated you can turn off AVG and reboot, so long as you don't plug any unchecked drives/CDs/DVDs/USB memory sticks in your laptop won't catch anything nasty while your anti-virus software is off. Compare how long it takes to do a few simple tasks like opening the control panel window etc and remember to turn your anti-virus back on before reconnecting to the outside world.

General / Re: October Photo Comp
« on: 22 October 2011, 01:16:57 PM »
Can't compete with the exotic stuff, Tori's squirrel or Betarev's seagulls, but thought this might amuse:

« on: 22 October 2011, 12:49:37 PM »
How much memory does it show as present? If RAM is insufficient then every time you ask it to do something it'll spend ages paging files in and out of virtual memory. If it's got less than you thought you had in it, try reseating the DIMMs, it may just be a contact problem.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: 2002 engine in 1998
« on: 21 October 2011, 05:52:54 PM »
Very nasty. Did any debris get into the gearbox?
(I'm always paranoid about something locking it when any of the reciprocating bits let go in a big way.)

FZS600 / Re: HOW TO: Forks Seals, Bushes and Oil
« on: 21 October 2011, 12:16:21 AM »
Is there a restriction on the number of pictures a post.. or thread..  can have? 'Cos it looks as though later ones are missing and have been replaced by an error message.

General / Re: always wear your seat belt
« on: 20 October 2011, 04:24:00 PM »
Indicating might have helped too (though at the velocity the red truck was travelling, maybe not).

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Intro for Revilo
« on: 20 October 2011, 03:47:50 PM »
Don't worry too much about mileage, I only changed my first engine at 115k miles because piston slap was making it sound like a tractor... but it'd probably have gone on for years. Valve clearances never changed in all that time.

It's worth checking the transition from first to second gear... if it drops out of second when you give it the beans, it's one to avoid.
Only other problem area on the engine I can think of is the front sprocket nut, original one supplied was too shallow and tended to strip its thread. I had that happen several times, though the thread on the shaft survived somehow.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Battery woes
« on: 20 October 2011, 12:49:18 PM »
I'd check the current the alarm system draws and the generator.. either one is taking too much or the other is supplying too little. Batteries last a very long time if they are treated right, my FZS600 is still on the original and is almost 13 years old.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: How to remove fuel tank (without spilling fuel!)
« on: 20 October 2011, 12:12:22 AM »
Yes, I do just that: keep it reasonably level and leave it on a couple of blocks of wood to keep the paint from getting damaged by the concrete floor. It's a lot easier to lift off when it's near empty too.
Just remember to turn the fuel tap back on when you've got it back on the bike!

Visors these days have a hard coating... certainly last a hell of a lot longer than when I started riding. The downside is that to polish a scratch out you've got to keep going until the surrounding (hard) surface is down to the level of the bottom of the scratch. It should be possible, but it'll take a long time and the result will be a visor that is no longer scratch-resistant.
Long story short... it's time to buy a new one. :)

General / Re: unpartitioning a hard drive - help please
« on: 19 October 2011, 11:55:10 AM »
In iTunes you can set up the location for the media folder if you select Preferences and go to Advanced. You can then select your old library and import it to the new location.
However, be careful when removing partitions... many utilities take a scorched earth policy and lose the directory. Since USB drives are pretty cheap it might be a good idea to back up any files you really don't want to lose first, just in case things go pear-shaped.

FZ6 / Fazer / Re: 100,000!
« on: 18 October 2011, 08:20:20 PM »
Wow! That's some colossal annual mileage. :eek

Wish that post had been around a couple of years ago when I had the same problem... I'd no idea that the job could be done in situ.
Rather than take the engine out and repair, I figured a replacement engine from a breaker was the cheapest solution. Agree with you that engine swaps are a pain in the proverbial though.
Sorry I can't offer any advice (other than to talk to Deefer), but will be very interested to hear how it goes.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: front brakes
« on: 17 October 2011, 11:11:03 PM »
Well, I didn't expect changing the master cylinder seals to sort it, but you live and learn I guess!

Hope you have a dry day at the track now you've lost your poor man's ABS. :lol

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: front brakes
« on: 17 October 2011, 01:02:53 PM »
The only time I've had brakes that felt spongy with new pads and there wasn't air in the system was when one of the front discs warped.
If the disc is dish shaped the pads get pushed back so far that the volume of fluid the lever can shove into the cylinders isn't enough to take up the slack. Take a close look at each disc as someone squeezes the lever for you... if the edge of the disc moves a visible amount then that could be the problem.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: front brakes
« on: 17 October 2011, 12:16:34 AM »
If you're getting no bubbles out of the bleed nipples then the air could well be in the hoses and the small amount of fluid the lever moves isn't enough to push the bubble down to the callipers. A good way of shifting it is to send it up towards the reservoir, that way gravity helps you rather than hinders.
Carefully squeeze the brake lever with one set of callipers off (and pads out) until the pistons are most of the way out of the cylinders, a bit of wood about 12mm thick and about 30mm wide for them to bump up against is a good way to discourage them from popping out... just keep an eye on them to make sure they extend evenly. Once the pistons are clamping the wood you can stop pumping and gently force the pistons back in, a couple of G-clamps and an old screwdriver as a lever can help. This pushes any bubbles that had found their way into the hose back up where they can escape into the reservoir.
Leave the cap on the top of the reservoir while you're doing this, the whole point of the exercise is to have a brisk flow of fluid to sweep the bubbles along and you don't want a jet of the stuff squirting out over the paintwork!
Repeat for the other side and you should have an air free system again.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: exhaust header bolts
« on: 16 October 2011, 03:35:11 PM »
I had a stud shear off flush with the back of the nut, the rest of the stud was still there so I made up a double length nut, welding the two together, and then filed one end narrow enough to fit into the usefully wide hole on the header clamp. That way it could screw onto the remains of the stud.
Of course, if it is an accessible one and there's enough left of the stud to get a grip on you might replace it... but it's usually one of the inner ones. :rolleyes

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Speedo Long Way Out.
« on: 15 October 2011, 10:18:14 PM »
The only time I've had a speedo reading very high, was when I carelessly routed the cable from the sensor and the bolt heads holding the left brake disc on wore through the insulation and started putting extra pulses into the system. :o
That gave speedo indications that were normal most of the time and would jump intermittently to ridiculous speeds... if you're getting stable wrong readings then the problem is probably at the meter end rather than the sensor.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Zorsts.
« on: 15 October 2011, 06:27:38 PM »
Hi Cap'n,
Yes, it was the Viper can I was moaning about. The downpipes looked fine for a couple of years, not quite so pretty now... even stainless isn't immune to salt. They went on with no problem other than the usual fight with nuts that had rusted onto the studs.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Zorsts.
« on: 15 October 2011, 05:36:39 PM »
I've Motad downpipes and a Viper end can bought from Sandy Bike Spares a few years back. The can was cheap, but can't say it has much else to recommend it.
Fitting was a problem. The link pipe provided was so short that the can had to be mounted right at the tip to give enough clearance between the can and the swingarm.
Finish wasn't too impressive either... don't know if the thing hadn't been anodised, but after a couple of weeks winter riding the shiny aluminium surface was dull and pitted.
Sound... rather subjective, but a bit raspy above 6000 for my tastes. Not wanting to give the plods any additional excuses to pull me over for a roadside chat meant I only rode with the removable baffle out once.

Introduction / Thought I'd say "Hi" again..
« on: 15 October 2011, 04:44:30 PM »
So.. Hi!
I'm James, from Sandhurst.

Was on the old forum... if only an occasional contributor (did find a lot of the how-to posts useful though).
I've owned my '98 FZS600 from new and never felt the need to ride anything else since it's pretty much perfect for my needs.

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