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General / Riding in London
« on: 17 May 2012, 01:14:00 PM »
I've been lucky enough to have been selected to work in London for the olympics as part of the Military security team.

not sure where I will be based and we are been taken there by bus. I intend to pick my bike up and then ride it home to Cornwall, or thats the aspiration however I have never riden in London. I have driven cars & mini buses so know that you have to have your wits around you.. are there any tips or words of wisdom that anyone can impart?

General / Emigrating to NZ
« on: 14 March 2012, 01:22:00 PM »
me & my lady are seriously looking to emigrate to New Zealand in about 18 months / 2 years time.
I know its along time off but i was after anyones advice, more about biking but other opinions welcomed
I have a 02 600 Fazer,
a) should I export it or try and find one out there?
b) are the roads suitable for it? or should I be looking for a different style of bike?

General / Members Map
« on: 02 March 2012, 08:06:00 AM »
Sorry if I have missed a thread on here
I notice the Members map and have attempted to pin my location but for some reason its not showing up
I have tried to put in my postcode & my location in my profile but for some reason its not showing up!
any help be nice

General / Strike
« on: 30 November 2011, 01:06:47 PM »
has the Strike affected anyone today?
I put the bins out this morning and I'm hoping they will be emptied by the tome I get back tonight!

General / Posts Status
« on: 11 November 2011, 03:40:04 PM »
Just a quick question, I have noticed that I have a "ranking" according to how many posts I have made
can someone tell me at what point I get promoted up the ladder?
so far I think I have the order sussed out is it:-
Cager in training
CBT Wobbler
Weekend Wobbler
DAS born again ( what is DAS?)
Club Racer
WSB Pack Hound
GP Hero
I know its just a bit of fun & I like the idea
Ta  :D

General / Top Box rack
« on: 28 September 2011, 04:01:04 PM »
OK this probably the wrong section to post this but I'd like members advice,
I got back into biking after over 10 years out and have just bought a 02 Fazer 600
love it and went to cornwall and back at the weekend
when i bought the bike it has a GIVI rack and plate fitted , my question is....
are all givi plates the same and will any size topbox fit it?
whilst using a small rucsac to Cornwall was ok for a one off i'd like to have something I can pack and ride more comfortably
also whist I'm on I will be doing that run alot when the weather is good enough any advice on best luggage to get ie throwovers or is it worth investing in hard luggage?

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