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General / Re: Hello
« on: 06 March 2018, 07:22:15 PM »
You'll be able to afford to come to the Spring Meet then!

General / Re: Today's "What Gets My Goat"
« on: 06 March 2018, 01:11:55 PM »
trying to fill 30 fucking bunks at the Spring Meet from over 6000 members   :z

« on: 06 March 2018, 01:08:46 PM »,23236.0.html

12 bunk spaces with no takers - if these are not taken soon (end March latest)  then I will have to cancel in order to recover deposit on the bunkhouse

if this is the case then this could well be the end of the Spring Meet...

@Disorderly Punk - same comment applies as for Mustang ! :lol

Mustang - find the Facebook page and send a request to join - I can guarantee that unless you a complete boring fart you will enjoy !

General / Re: Givi rack arms...What are they made of.
« on: 17 January 2018, 10:06:53 AM »
they are prone to rusting (must be the Italian connection)
I had mine blasted and powder coated and they've been fine since - 3yrs ago (I also bladdered the inside with Waxoyl)

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Aftermarket gear indicator
« on: 12 January 2018, 08:47:57 AM »
+1 for the GIpro X - I fitted at same time as speedohealer (mine is downgeared) - easy to fit and both work a treat

General / Re: Traffic Monitoring
« on: 13 September 2017, 01:12:31 PM »
[quote]They are used to count the amount of traffic, directions, timings and speed in a percentile i.e. 28% were in excess of 34mph etc.You can't get "done" by them, they are there too help with road infrastructure/planning decisions at a county level.

Exactly the response I got when asking the gadgee fitting some near my house a couple of years ago

General / Re: Downshift Blipping
« on: 12 September 2017, 10:18:17 AM »
sounds bloody nice as well


update from Elaine (the proprietor):

Stuart , great to hear from you confirming 7 or 8 of you arriving Saturday 30th Sept .... I have beds for 6 , all made up , so just excess of 6 will need to bring sleeping bags ..I have base mattresses.   Breakfast on Sunday morning for all you with our own sausages , bacon , eggs and home made bread !
Will look forward to seeing you all around 7ish .

see update^^^^^


All bunks now taken but camping and dossing down (inside still available).

Venue Same as previously:  West End Outdoor Centre, Bank Dike Hill, Thruscross, Harrogate, HG3 4BA - this postcode will take you past it - Sat Nave Coords: Lat:54.013713 Long:-1.779242

When Spring Bank 'Oliday weekend i.e. arrive Friday 25-May - stay for three nights - fek off 'ome Monday 28-May (Bank 'Oliday)

Pricing It has gone up to £1050 for the three nights (was £1000 last year) which is £35 per person per bunk total for the full three nights - still a  'kin bargin!  Total 'all in' for bunk, food, booze is £90 (currently) see Pricing Summary below.


Deposits and Payment

Normally those who subsequently cannot make it will get their deposit/money back assuming the place can be passed on.  Otherwise the shortfall has to be covered by those who have attended.  As every year you have plenty of time to ‘book the time off’; that said I appreciate "stuff" happens and can't be avoided - be assured I will try me very best to refund you if this happens and your excuse is genuine.

I have already paid the £200 deposit to secure the booking.  As this has been covered by deposits paid I don't need any further payment until April, when I need to pay the FULL balance for the accommodation (by the end of April). On this basis I will be expecting a minimum deposit (per bunk place) of £35 no later than 31-March.

Priority for bunk places will be given to those paying deposits -  A deposit can be any amount £10 or upwards but only full £35 will secure your place.  Multiple deposits are fine but I'd prefer it all in one i.e. for bunks the full £35. 

I will be expecting payment IN FULL (i.e. total inc. food) no later than two weeks prior to the meet.

If you have not payed in full by 10-May then, if demand, your place will be offered to others. Deposits will only be refunded in exceptional circumstances or your place is taken.  If your place is taken, the person taking it shall pay me the difference between the deposit paid (by you) and the total amount payable i.e. you are responsible for recovering your deposit from them yourself (obviously I will put you in contact with them).  Anyone dropping out at the "last minute" will only be refunded in exceptional circumstances.

Food/beer/band/sundries will be ca. £55 per head -  tee-totalers get a corresponding reduction on the cost; reduction if you don't drink alcohol ca. £24.

Veggies note as I will still be buying you some veg food then as this roughly equates with the cost for BBQ and breakfast meat there is no reduction.  You need to tell me what you want - alternatively if you want to cater for yourself (bring your own or eat twigs and leaves from outside etc) then a ca. £5 reduction applies.

This has always been a three night event.  If you want to stay for less then fine, but again I've booked for three nights so you pay for three nights.  Popping over for one night only? Normally anyone who turns up on the Sunday (or other night but there is unlikely to be any spare bunks on the Fri and Sat) and takes a vacated bunk chucks some money in the kitty (assuming you want to eat and drink) -  £20 is about right (£25 for Saturday).   Note if you are camping or dossing you only pay for the nights you stop.

You can pay me by Bank Transfer or PayM using my mobile number(or Paypal but bank transfer my preference...) send email to and I will forward the details - note the bank details changed last year so check first before paying - the correct/valid account number ends ….4567.

##DO NOT use the PM feature to contact me - use email, Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger! ##

Pricing Summary (guide)

Bunk + Food + Meat + Booze = £90 per person - for campers £57
Bunk + Food + Meat = £66 per person (teetotalers) - for campers £31

See note above for vegetarians

These are subject to confirmation but generally any uplift has previously been less that £5 per person overall.

Saturday Entertainment -  R E L O A D

Thanks (again) to Heath we have the same guys as last year + they’re bringing their Dads with em:  RELOAD -


Usual Saturday run to Hartside etc zzzzzz Sunday - coast or several splinter groups - something for everyone!


Sufficient quantities of alcoholic and non-alcholic are provided (sadly this event is not longer the piss up it used to be) also please note the Irn Bru is categorically only to be used for mixing with Vodka and cannot be drunk on its own...Note I will also get more "real ale" this year (and less wife beater - sadly this event is not longer the piss up it used to be)


As always there will be the usual (my excellent local butchers) BBQ fayre for the Friday and Saturday nights together with the usual snacks etc. For Sunday night: beef/chicken tacos/wraps (+veggie option)

There will be a stupendous full cooked breakfast on the Sat and Sun mornings (subject to volunteer cooks!! and washer uppers)

Camping (FREE)

Camping is free - unless all bunks are not filled in which case a contribution will be reqd!

Dossing Down Inside (also FREE)

Dossing is free - unless all bunks are not filled in which case a contribution will be reqd!  This is an alternative to camping but all you need to bring is a sleeping bag. This option will be limited to a maximum of ten people (due to space and I only have five airbeds - and I really can't be arsed).

Booking Summary


 :woot :sun :woot

Following the resounding success of last year's exploratory outing have decided to do this again.

Saturday lunchtime congregate in Moffat on the Saturday pm (lunchtime) in Moffat for the obligatory fish supper - meeting in Moffat at 13:00 ~13:30

Sat afternoon a wee bimble around Galloway before terminating at Kircudbright to stock up on 'essential supplies' prior to arrival at the Castle Creavie bunkbarn (the Hay Barn).

Spaces in proper bunks are limited to 6 No. (proper beds with quilt and pillow) but there is also space to doss on the floor.

Note this is not a frenzied raucous venue (like Spring Meet) as it's adjacent to the farmhouse and a holiday letting cottage i.e. no fires, no revving tits off bikes at 3am etc etc.

Sunday - full cooked breakfast in the farmhouse £7.50 per person or do your own thing then depart for home.

Could make into a two (or even three nighter) if interest e.g, say Friday pm Borders - Sat push north somewhere (Kinlochleven?)  - Sunday at Castle Creavie, Monday home - I guess with the option to do just one night or three etc.  My preference is just the Saturday night but at a push I could have Friday off.  - AS IT STANDS I HAVE BOOKED THE SATURDAY NIGHT ONLY - the option is there for Friday but as I said, I'll likely just be doing the Saturday - anyone wanting Friday or Sunday can contact Castle Creavie direct and make your own arrangements.

Castle Creavie costs are: Bunks are £15 pppn.  Additionally, reckon on about max. £15 each for food/beer etc (breakfast extra - per night) - I'm probably going to cook spicy chicken wraps and spicy beef/tacos.

I have booked the Hay Barn for Sat 30-Sep - waiting for the proprietor to confirm the max occupancy (but likely 6 No. for fire regs compliance)-  8 max should be fine with the last two takers dossing on the floor (as it stands currently this is Craig and Midden)


1- Me - confirmed (+ breakfast)
2 - Heath - confirmed (+ breakfast)
3 - Daz -confirmed (+ breakfast)
4 - TuonoV - -confirmed (+ breakfast)
5 - Chrisbiker + 1 - confirmed (+ breakfast x2)
7 - Louthyz - confirmed (+ breakfast)
8 - Midden?

Make sure you all have cash to pay the bunk costs + breakfast (£22.50 total for both) - anyone who wants to can send me money upfront if they want (PayM via my mobile number - or bank xfer - message me for details)

Update 10-Sep:  right peeps plan is:
  • Chris and his mate are staying in Keighley on the Friday pm (brave) - Heath will kindly 'collect' them Sat am and make way to Devil's Bridge
  • Ventzi is staying at mine Friday pm - so we'll see the rest of you (inc. Craig) at Devil's Bridge
  • Meet at Devil's Bridge 08:30
  • Meet any of the Scottish contingent in Moffat 13:00 - 13:30
  • then as above

slappy thanks - they are fine I only cleaned them in May when fitting new pads - they sit back in straight away when the hydraulic pressure is released

Riding home from work tonight for some reason thought I'd try the rear brake with a bit of effort (as I normally only use it at low speeds) 'just to see that it still works'.

Only going ca. 10 mph I pressed pedal and rear locked up (ABS did not appear to activate - maybe too low speed?).  I did this twice and then carried on...a couple of hundred yards later decelerating for a junction the bike started to slow down by itself!

Rear brake was was on and pads smoking. :\

Hmmm - I released the pressure via the bleed nipple which obviously released the piston pressure.  Tried brake again but nothing so went home whilst learning to use just front brake in traffic which was a bit alien until I go used to it.

Read up about the ABS system when home and investigated a bit more.  The symptoms are as follows; pumping the lever does apply the brake pads progressively (albeit slowly) but it is like there is a non-return valve in the system as the pressure does not relieve and the brake just gets tighter and tighter

Looking at the detail in the service manual all I can assume is that the ABS spool valve is stuck in the emergency braking position so that the fluid flow from the master cylinder is going via the orifice - that said I'd expect the pressure to still release. As I said the it's like there is a non return valve.  Also the valve spool in the block appears to be in the de-energised position (i.e. you can push it in by hand - which makes no difference incidentally).

There is no ABS warning light lit and the front brake works as normal (including ABS function - I tried it on gravel track opposite my house).

Anyone got any ideas?

Update 21-Aug:
took in to JAX motrocycles in York (Yam dealer) - they confirmed that there is a fault internally in the ABS hydraulic/pump unit - rear brake would not bleed through the hydraulic unit - new replacement ca. £700!  Their suggestion is to convert to 'standard' and junk the ABS unit as cost is prohibitive.

Update 22-Aug:
hydraulic unit is fooked - cannot bleed through it - I've tried everything - looking on a FJR forum the diagnostics cannot detect a spool failure - I've used the test connection to run the diagnostics as per the service manual - all good (but obviously isn't!) - can't find a 2nd hand unit (well other than one in Denmark for £500 - so going to convert to 'non ABS' (ordered the HEL lines today) - BTW new unit is over £1,200!

FZS600 / Re: Fazer Headlight Mod for mark 1 FZS600
« on: 25 July 2017, 10:32:13 AM »
Nice to see my original post reincarnated - inc. my eldest son in the last picture who is 23 now! (and just graduated as a doctor) :)

General / Re: Off to Euroland again
« on: 19 July 2017, 09:59:48 AM »
Great pics and commentary - I've still not managed to get to Europe on the bike - maybe Spring Meet 20 !


Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Chain and sprocket
« on: 19 May 2017, 10:59:14 AM »
have always got mine from

...but I'm currently downgeared on an AFAM 1down,1up setup from Bike Torque Racing with DID Gold Super X Ring Chain from urbanbikeshop on Ebay - both  quick delivery

TWO bunks still available + camping or dossing down

Good news Heath has found another victim, and Stef (on forum) is coming which means only TWO bunks to fill. 

As the day is approaching if you're coming and haven't paid me anything yet, then please get in touch for payment details!


OK - FOUR bunks still to fill - get canvassing

Status updated.

Note for vegetarians as I still buy veg. food, you don't pay your 'meat' share but the contribution is £3 per night (seems fair to me)

Link to Spring Meet calling cards added: [size=78%][/size]

General / Re: What did you do with whatever else you've got?
« on: 15 March 2017, 01:07:34 PM »
Went to the Spring Meet by unicycle

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