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General / Re: protected wma files
« on: 19 October 2011, 08:42:56 PM »
oh my son Alex suggested trying to write the ones that still play to a cd and then ripping the cd in Itunes?

General / Re: protected wma files
« on: 19 October 2011, 08:41:33 PM »
I maybe should have added these protected files will not play in Windows Media Player or Itunes

General / protected wma files
« on: 19 October 2011, 08:22:54 PM »
finally succumbed and bought an Ipod - Itunes has converted all but 299 of my wma library.  The 299 have DRM protection - is there any way to bypass this?  I can still play a proportion of these 299 on my old creative player but some were buggered when I copied the music off my old desktop PC made worse by the Creative crashing and needing a hard reset

any ideas?

General / Re: HELP
« on: 05 October 2011, 07:16:34 PM »
is it fooked then Stew?

are you OK (suppose you would bounce well  :D )


SIGN IN IN GENERAL,3325.0.html
At the same venue as 2011

West End Outdoor Centre, Thruscross, Harrogate, HG3 4BA


The proprietor is doing it for the same price as last year £270 per night which is £27 per person per bunk for the three nights

spaces will be oversubscribed (in my dreams :\ ) - please don't let this put you off coming - see the sections on camping and dossing


Deposits and Payment

Normally those who subsequently cannot make it will get their deposit/money back assuming the place can be passed on.  Otherwise the shortfall has to be covered by those who have attended.

As every year you have plenty of time to book the time off; that said I appreciate "stuff" happens and can't be avoided - be assured I will try me very best to refund you if this happens and your excuse is genuine.

I have paid the £200 deposit to secure the booking.  As this has been covered by deposits paid I don't need any further payment until April 2012, when I need to pay the full balance for the accommodation (by the end of April).
On this basis I will be expecting a minimum deposit (per bunk place) of £27 no later than 30-April.Priority for bunk places will be given to those paying deposits - A deposit can be any amount £10 or upwards. Multiple deposits are fine.

However, due to this year (2011) several people not turning up at the last minute last time (with only one having a reasonably genuine excuse),
I will be expecting payment IN FULL no later than two weeks prior to the meet. If you have not payed in full by 18-May then your place will be offered to others. Deposits will only be refunded in exceptional circumstances or your place is taken. If you place is taken, the person taking it shall pay me the difference between the deposit paid and the total amount payable i.e. you are responsible for recovering you deposit from them yourself (obviously I will put you in contact with them).

Anyone dropping out at the "last minute" will only be refunded in exceptional circumstances.

Food/beer/band/sundries will be £50 ish per head - the non meat eaters and tee-totalers get a corresponding reduction on the cost. 

Reduction if you only eat weeds: £12 ish - Reduction if you don't drink alcohol £20 ish

This has always been a three night event. If you want to stay for less then fine, but again I've booked for three nights so you pay for three nights. In 2010 people not staying Sunday did get a discount but only because there was a surcharge that year. I am again considering a system whereby those wanting only two nights paid more per night but less in total than those staying for three - its likely to remain as it always has. The Queen's Golden Jubilee means an extra bank holiday on the Tuesday - so no excuse for sloping off on the Sunday!

Popping over for one night only? Normally anyone who turns up on the Sunday (or other night but there is unlikely to be any spare bunks on the Fri and Sat) and takes a vacated bunk and chucks some money in the kitty (assuming you want to eat and drink) -  £10 is about right

You can pay me by Paypal or by Bank Transfer (preferred)

send email to and I will forward the details

# Please DO NOT use the PM feature to contact me - use the email above (or my personal email once you know it) ! ##

# DO NOT USE THE SAME BANK DETAILS AS LAST YEAR (a/c # 09747760 - this account is now CLOSED) ##

Saturday Entertainment

Of the musical variety.................I will be booking the same band again  - the cost this year for the band is £300 so the cost per person has increased accordingly - not now I've agreed with em to do it for £240!


Usual Saturday run to Hartside etc

Sunday - coast or several splinter groups - something for everyone!


Sufficient quantities of alcoholic and non-alcholic are provided (you buggers didn't quaff as much this last year!)


There will be the usual (excellent local butchers) BBQ fayre for the Friday and Saturday nights together with the usual snacks etc

For Sunday night - open to suggestions (had curry last two years)

There will be a stupendous full cooked breakfast on the Sat and Sun mornings.

Camping (FREE)

Camping is free this year as I have done a deal with the owner - I supply (make) 2 No. outside picnic tables : camping is free

I have a family type tent (will sleep six) and another Vango tent (sleeps two realistically) which I can erect for anyone who wants to camp but doesn't fancy lugging a tent with them. I'm not putting the bastids up though, nor taking them down, and I don't want no twat puking or pissin in em either.

Dossing Down Inside (also FREE for 2012)

This is an alternative to camping but all you need to bring is a sleeping bag. This option will be limited to a maximum of ten people (due to space and I only have five airbeds and only two one of them currently works - this should be resolved for  2012 and I can look at getting some more or even borrowing some camp beds).

BOOKINGS (deposits paid)


1 - Moffmeister - paid
2 - Raymy - paid £78
3 - Stualdino - paid £77
4,5 - Eddie & Val -paid £150 (twin room)
6 - Breadlord - paid £77
7,8 - The Looneys - paid £154 (twin room)
9 - Chrisbiker -  paid £77
10 - Tom Ashcroft - deposit paid £77
11 - Paul Davenport paid £77
12 - Imagine Beer Slag -  paid £80
13,14 - Dookie & Fluffs -  paid £154 (twin room)
15,16 - The Neillys - paid £154 (twin room)
17 -  Darren (Fazerboys mate) - Paid £0
18 - sheldon22 - paid £80
19 - nakedadder -  paid £80
20 - bigralphie - paid £77
21 - Colin -  paid £80
22 - Hamos - paid £77
23 - Fazerboy - paid £65 (no meat)
24 - heaths - paid £77
25 - hisnameismudd - paid £77
26,27 - Ventzi & Debbie- paid £144
28 - Frosty Fingers paid £57 (no booze)
29,30 - Prudhoe Foccers (Phil & Jo) deposit paid £77

Dossing Down (FREE! - just food/booze to pay for)

31 - MurphySG & Partner-  deposit paid £5 
33 -Pulsey!!!!!!!

Camping (FREE! - just food/booze to pay for)

34 - Oldgit - paid £50
35 - Gingernutz - paid £50

36 - Gringorojo & Mrs Gringo - paid £50 (no booze)
38 - Shitehawk

Part Time Visitors

 - 1967Fazer + 1 (one night only)

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