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General / Re: Graphics bods
« on: 29 October 2011, 03:02:19 PM »
Trev, use PowerPoint and get the individual charachters in indivdual text boxes how you want them then move them together and use the "send to back" function.

Take a screen print (Print Scrn button) and paste it into MS Paint then just cut out the bit you want for the logo. Thats how I did it.

Its basic, but it works.

General / Re: Graphics bods
« on: 29 October 2011, 01:10:55 PM »
I did that in Powerpoint.

If you create what you want in there, you can get it into a jpg (or send it to me and I can do it) easily enough.

General / Re: Graphics bods
« on: 29 October 2011, 01:09:11 PM »

General / Re: Dear Santa........
« on: 27 October 2011, 02:58:23 PM »
With a Zongshen engine
I hope you like playing with spanners!
Expensive for a chinese quad bike. You can import one youself and get it on the road for under £1K.

General / Re: Saw it on Facebook, had to share
« on: 26 October 2011, 04:13:20 PM »

General / Re: Real men
« on: 26 October 2011, 04:11:30 PM »
Locksmith, you obviously left your PC logged in and your wife has posted something on your behalf :pokefun

General / Re: Any Other Women Have This Problem?
« on: 26 October 2011, 04:10:04 PM »
Easy, its becasue you are a woman, you obviously do not know the science behind anything mechanical :pokefun

I had a car many years ago that had a bent drive shaft or something after I hit a kerb (didnt tell the lease company that though) which meant the only way I could stop the steering juddering at any real speed was by getting the wheels balanced on the car rather than the normal machine. The lease company hated this becasue it cost them a lot more.

General / Re: 'Normal' service resumption
« on: 24 October 2011, 10:46:04 PM »
Kinell bm. I know you said you had a headache but......

Hope Dawn is keeping you fed and watered even if the kids won't make you a cuppa.

General / Re: TWAT DRIVERS...........
« on: 20 October 2011, 10:21:11 PM »
I saw that programme too and did wonder how those people managed to pad their test!

General / Re: Anyone browsing with a smartphone / ipad / other thingy?
« on: 20 October 2011, 09:18:59 PM »
:agree android looks ok.

General / Oops!
« on: 19 October 2011, 07:51:57 AM »

General / Re: Insurance Renewal
« on: 17 October 2011, 02:39:33 PM »
I have just had some fun with my car renewal. New car back in July and previously paid about £350 to insure the old one. Insurance renewal came through as £610 but the online comparison websitew with the same company was quoting £380 so I phoned them up.

Had to tell tehm about a claim teh Mrs had made first so they put their quote up to £750 :eek

I then asked about the online quote i had. Some bollocks response followed by a "yes we can match that". 50% off just for calling them. FFS.

General / Re: Self employed
« on: 16 October 2011, 10:05:17 PM »
I may have some work for you soon then Mr Mac. Just got to finish getting (or is that start getting) the new bathroom bit together before booking somone to do teh fitting.

General / Re: Its on its way
« on: 16 October 2011, 04:28:20 PM »
Helen, I took my test on an XS750. Most were the horrible custom types but the one I had was just a normal road bike. Not seen one like it for years.

General / Re: Self employed
« on: 15 October 2011, 06:26:11 PM »
Company registration is straight forward enough as is the website/printing, the thing to keep an eye on is the accounts. Others with much more experience than me will be along shortly though.

My Father-in-law does a lot of choir work and is doing a Queen concert soon. He knows nothing about Queen!

General / Re: Set your alarms boyos
« on: 10 October 2011, 06:58:39 PM »
At least I can have a lie in this Saturday now :pokefun

General / Re: Set your alarms boyos
« on: 09 October 2011, 08:20:23 PM »

General / Re: Car Keys and Magnets
« on: 08 October 2011, 10:45:02 PM »
The thing to watch is when you find your car missing and the insurance company ask for both sets of keys before they will pay out!

General / Re: Set your alarms boyos
« on: 08 October 2011, 10:44:16 PM »
Now, do I want France to win because they aren't Welsh, or do I want Wales to Win becasue they aren't French?

Difficult decision time!

General / Re: Set your alarms boyos
« on: 08 October 2011, 07:47:09 AM »
Ok. So it should now be England v Wales in the semi.

General / Re: Set your alarms boyos
« on: 07 October 2011, 11:54:55 PM »
Mymoney is on an England v Ireland semi final followed by England v NZ in the final!

General / Re: IE 9
« on: 06 October 2011, 08:34:39 PM »
Using IE9 at home and seems OK. Tried IE9 at work and half of our internal applications didnt work properly so had to go back to IE8. Not a great deal of difference in  the look and feel though.

General / Re: Motorway Limit to 90
« on: 05 October 2011, 09:20:09 PM »
I came down the M11, round the M25 and onto the M23 yesterday and the number of tw@ts who hog the middle lane is unbelievable. Worst offenders believe it or not were BMW's.

On several occasions I overtook a BMW using lane 3 then moved over to lane 1 for the next couple of miles only to find the BMW had finally caught up with me just as I was about to overtake the next thing in lane2. Feccin BMW went past me then didnt go into lane 3, just stayed behind the next braindead feccer in lane 2 whilst I went past them both in lane 3.

So what I can hear you saying. I had cruise control set to 70ish and was going a constant speed all that time where they were playing around with their speed and getting nowhere.

General / Re: take 2: temperature guage question
« on: 05 October 2011, 08:12:04 AM »
Could just be a bad connection on teh dodgy itallian electrics or lack of water covering the sensor.

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