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Fazer 400 and other models / Re: Starter solenoid problem?
« on: 21 February 2019, 06:05:47 PM »
 try removing all 4 plugs to confirm its not hydraulically locked.
you have said it turned over with a freshly charge battery so sounds like a battery problem still

General / Re: Jihad Brides return to U.K!
« on: 21 February 2019, 06:02:05 PM »
Under the Bangladeshi "blood line" law, Bangladeshi nationality and citizenship lapse when a person reaches the age of 21, unless they make active efforts to retain it.
[/size]She's now 19, so unless she herself actively persues it, it won't apply.[/color]
[/size]So Javid will be making her stateless. Against international law. [/color]

No, she is able to get the Bangladeshi passport if she applies so Javid has not made her stateless. If Bangladesh now refuse then its BAngladesh that will be making here stateless. If she leaves it too long and misses her 21st birthday cut-off, she has done it herself.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: my pic is sideways!!!
« on: 21 February 2019, 12:13:55 PM »

How can I change my pic so it's the right wat around?  It needs rotating 90 degrees clockwise.  Help!

Open the picture on your PC and use MS Paint (free windows app) to rotate the picture so its the right way round then save it back to you PC. You can then upload it again

General / Re: How sad am I?
« on: 21 February 2019, 12:09:36 PM »
My in-laws paid the council to come round and take an old freezer from their garage last week. Council men turned up, cleard out a load of junk that was in the way and they realised it was a big chest freezer do they needed their other van. No problem, off they trot leaving the freezer outside.
A little while later the local scrap scavengers turned up and knocked on the door and asked if they could take away the freezer. MIL said yes. Council turned up a little later to find the freezer gone but they don't care, they have been paid to get rid of it already.

A mate of mins is a plumber and every now and then he takes all his scrap pipe etc and gets it weighed in at the scrap dealers. If we ever have any scrap like washing machines he takes them away for us.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Fazer wiring
« on: 20 February 2019, 11:03:47 AM »

General / Re: Jihad Brides return to U.K!
« on: 20 February 2019, 11:01:01 AM »

Good idea - what about an island somewhere -------Skytanamobay.  Instead of orange boiler suites we can make them wear kilts, feed them haggis - halal of course (which it probably already is) and have them woken up at the crack o doon by bagpipes.Problem solved as there is no jihadi that would want to come back and face that. 

don't forget the bacon sandwiches

General / Re: Jihad Brides return to U.K!
« on: 20 February 2019, 10:34:59 AM »
I guess we should be happy that our government realised she had dual nationality (by birth) before the Bangladeshis

Fazer 400 and other models / Re: Starter solenoid problem?
« on: 14 February 2019, 07:45:13 PM »
Sounds like a flat battery

General / Re: Three word story
« on: 14 February 2019, 06:09:34 PM »
a ginger dwarf

General / Re: Word Association
« on: 14 February 2019, 06:08:53 PM »

General / Re: Three word story
« on: 13 February 2019, 09:19:31 PM »
big oval office  orifice

General / Re: Word Association
« on: 13 February 2019, 09:19:02 PM »

General / Re: Three word story
« on: 12 February 2019, 07:59:43 PM »
after Corbyn finished

General / Re: Today's "What Gets My Goat"
« on: 11 February 2019, 08:44:00 PM »
Foccin wankers councils and their approach to gritting!!
Had 2 weeks worth of cold weather and icy mornings.... not a bit of salt in sight. Today 10 degrees, beautiful sunshine..... low and behold at 6 o clock the fucking gritters are out!?
So now tomorrow the maim roads will be covered in dry slippery salt. It's almost like there is someone deliberately gunning for bikers 🤯🤯🤯

They cannot send the gritter drivers out in the ice. Its a H&S issue.

General / Re: Word Association
« on: 11 February 2019, 12:57:56 PM »

General / Re: Three word story
« on: 11 February 2019, 12:57:43 PM »
a compressor hose

General / Re: Three word story
« on: 10 February 2019, 09:12:21 PM »
getting a dose

General / Re: Three word story
« on: 08 February 2019, 08:16:06 PM »
wearing a respirator

General / Re: Laws / rules for riding in France
« on: 07 February 2019, 07:51:46 PM »
me n dynspud orf to france soon cant wait...

Have you used the wrong login ? :pokefun

Here is the science behind it.

On the right, you stick the heated grip to a plastic throttle tube. On the left, you stick it to the metal handle bar. The handlebar conducts the heat away from the grip whereas the plastic tube doesn't. Most people wont notice a difference but it is there.

« on: 04 February 2019, 09:27:14 PM »

you Southern softies still think anything North of Watford is the North :eek ;)

Anything north of the Thames is north. Anything north of Watford we need inoculations for :rollin

General / Re: Laws / rules for riding in France
« on: 04 February 2019, 06:23:32 PM »
Don't think you need to wear a high viz jacket all the time. Just after a breakdown. I've heard you need to be able to put it on before you get off the bike. So store it in a tank bag rather than topbox etc.
I know for cars you need to be able to put them on before getting out the car. For the bike, I keep mine under the seat wrapped around the spare bulbs to stop them rattling :pokefun

FZS600 Fazer / Re: 600 to 1000cc engine swap ??
« on: 04 February 2019, 05:12:24 PM »
Anything is possible but you will need to through time and money at it

General / Re: Laws / rules for riding in France
« on: 04 February 2019, 05:05:52 PM »
Post Brexit, it may all change but at the moment its simple.

Hi-viz (meant to be worn but nobody does) in case you break down
Spare bulbs
Headlamp deflector (I never use them)
GB sticker or euro number plate
Insurance certificate and log book and licence carried at all times
Helmet is meant to have hi-viz reflective stickers but ignore that as your a visitor
Gloves are a legal requirement now but most sensible people wear them
Breathalyser - Ignore the bullshite at halfords and on the ferry (they may still be a legal requirement until the law is repealed but the fine is €0.)

Biggest thing to learn is keep your eyes on stalks.
The French are very bike friendly but filtering is illegal (never need to do it as so little traffic where I am in Mayenne).
They ride on the wrong side of the road.
Roads joining from the right onto your main road have right of way (You have to give way even though there are no markings) unless the side road has a give way or stop sign.
30mph (50kmh) limit starts as soon as you pass the village/town limit sign
National speed limit starts (unless its signposted otherwise) as soon as you go through the village/town limit sign (Same as the entry sign but with a line through it)
National speed limit on single carriageway roads is 50mph (80kmh) since last summer and police do on the spot fines.
NSL on motorways is 110kmh (70mph ish) or 130kmh (80mph ish) depending on the signposts. On the 130kmh stretches, this automatically drops to 110kmh when its wet.

As of yesterday when I came back to the UK after a weekend away, fuel is about the same price as the UK. If you want to fill up over there Unleaded is "San Plomb 95"

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Fzs600 self destruct
« on: 31 January 2019, 07:55:32 PM »
Revs motorcycle shop Haywards heath. Called Rob. Great bloke new his stuff

Obviously not

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