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FZS600 Fazer / Re: Thundercat carb-engined Fazers 1998-2003.
« on: 29 December 2010, 05:35:47 PM »
OK :thumbup

General / Re: I made it here :)
« on: 29 December 2010, 05:33:31 PM »
No, you're definitely helping - everything you get confused by will confuse everyone else, so best get them sorted now.

The BMF corner access is on my to do list, but yes it will be helpful to copy whatever stuff across.

Yes it is only the bare bones - I want people to add things to the gallery, documents, links, etc etc.

MikeRBiker (and others) has copied some of the stickies from the old site and they're all in the Articles forum for the minute. They will go on another menu item, as will the FZ6 stickies. Once that's set up it will make more sense.

FZ6 / Fazer / Model numbers
« on: 24 December 2010, 03:29:46 PM »
Shamelessly stolen from Rob2222:

I know this model numbers:
FZ6-N == Model 2004-2006 Naked
FZ6-S == Model 2004-2006 with fairing
FZ6-NA == Model 2004-2006 Naked & ABS (Anti Lock System)
FZ6-SA == Model 2004-2006 with fairing & ABS (Anti Lock System)
FZ6-NHG(W) == New S2 Model 2007 Naked (W marks Australian version)
FZ6-SHG(W) == New S2 Model 2007 with fairing (W marks Australian version)
FZ6-NAHG == New S2 Model 2007 Naked & ABS (Anti Lock System)
FZ6-SAHG == New S2 Model 2007 with fairing & ABS (Anti Lock System)

Then there are the US models:

I've found in different Yamaha PDF's too:
FZ6-S (Europe South Africa)
FZ6-SV (Australia)

FZ6-ST (U49/Canada)
FZ6-STC (California)

FZ6-NHG (Europe/South Africa)
FZ6-NHGW (Australia)

FZ6-SS(C) From the US Manual 2004.
FZ6-ST(C) From the US Manual 2005.
FZS6-V(C) From the US Manual 2006.
FZS6-W(C) From the US Manual 2007.
FZS6-X(C) From the US Manual 2008.
FZS6-Y(C) From the US Manual 2009.

This looks for me that in SS and ST the 2nd letter stands for the year.
And then they changed the system and V-Y stands for the year. (What happens 2011??)

Oh dear.

Well, it looks like:

A = ABS (Anti Lock System)
C = California Version
HG = The 2007 new S2 model. (Why H AND G?)
X = The 2007 new S2 model in the US.
N = Naked
S = Fairing
V = Australian Version
W = Australian Version

BR Robert

The Laboratory ! / Preview on hover
« on: 23 December 2010, 02:04:22 AM »
Is it on new topics only or just don't work ???

Events, Meets, Ride outs etc / SPRING MEET 2011 Was a marvelous weekend!
« on: 09 December 2010, 02:21:37 AM »
View the centre's website here: Westend Outdoor Centre

See more pictures here


Gone up for 2010 (£270 per night for £250) hence places work out at be £27 each for the three nights in a luxuriously appointed bunk bed.

Note: spaces have all booked up quickly this year - please don't let this put you off coming - see the sections on camping and dossing down

Normally those who subsequently cannot make it will get their deposit/money back, dependent upon the timing i.e once I have committed to the food spend which is usually around a week prior then refunds will only be made if your place can be passed on.  Otherwise the shortfall has to be covered by those who have attended.  As last year you have plenty of time to book the time off; that said I appreciate "stuff" happens and can't be avoided - be assured I will try me very best to refund you if this happens.

Food/beer will be around £35-£40 per head - the non meat eaters and tee-totalers get a corresponding reduction on the cost.   

This has always been a three night event.  If you want to stay for less then fine, but again I've booked for three nights so you pay for three nights.  Last year (2010) people not staying Sunday did get a discount but only because there was a surcharge this year.  I had considered a system whereby those wanting only two nights paid more per night but less in total than those staying for three but it depends on numbers but its too much hassle for me.

Popping over for one night only? Normally anyone who turns up on the Sunday (or other night but there is unlikely to be any spare bunks on the Fri and Sat) and takes a vacated bunk chucks some money in the kitty.

Saturday Entertainment

Of the musical variety.................will look to book the band again for the Saturday night - Les has offered to bring along his band but Steve says they are shit


You can pay me cheque, Paypal or Bank Transfer (preferred)

send email to and I will forward the details

Please DO NOT use the Yuku PM feature!


Sufficient quantities of alcoholic and non-alcholic are provided


There will be the usual (excellent local butchers) BBQ fayre for the Friday and Saturday nights together with the usual snacks etc

For Sunday night this time will go for the  steak pie, peas, mash, gravy option.

There will be full cooked breakfast on the Sat and Sun mornings.

Camping (NOT FREE)

There are quite large grounds attached to the centre which can be used for camping

The following rates apply:
£5 per person per night, or £10 per tent per night
(payable to me to subsequently pay the proprietor).  On top of the camping fees campers will have to pay the food/beer/entertainment charge.

I have a family type tent (will sleep six) and another Vango tent (sleeps two realistically) which I can erect for anyone who wants to camp but doesn't fancy lugging a tent with them?

Dossing Down Inside (also NOT FREE)

There are two first floor lounge areas in the bunkhouse (one which lends itself perfectly as a overflow sleeping area). There are no beds but I can provide (free of charge - as I am a Lancastrian not a Yorkshireman) a limited number of air beds.

I have cleared this with the proprietor, however, as he is a proper Yorkshireman, there will be a £5 per person per night charge

This is an alternative to camping at similar cost but all you need to bring is a sleeping bag. This option will be limited to a maximum of ten people (due to space and I only have five airbeds and only two of them currently work - this should be resolved for 2011 and I can look at getting some more or even borrowing some camp beds).

Bookings/Bunk Allocation
1 - Moffmeister (paid in full)
2 - Stualdino (deposit paid £15)
3 - Looney Tunes & Mrs Looney
5 - MurphySG (deposit paid £9)
6 - Imagine Beer Slag
7 - Chrisbiker (paid in full)
8 - Billy600
9 - Krisdookie & Fluffs (deposit paid £9)
11 - Matty
12 - Marchride
13 - Eddie & Val (deposit paid £67)
15 - aroughcircle
16 - Neilly71 (deposit paid £30)
17 - Mrs & Mrs Scragmeister
19 - Master Scragmeister
20 - Nakedadder (deposit paid £50)
21 - Hobbsy (deposit paid £50)
22 - Fazerboy + The Undertaker (deposit paid £50)
24 - Sheldon22
25 - Bigmac +1 (deposit paid £60)
27 - Lastinspace (deposit paid £60)
28 - Frosty Fingers
29 - Bigralphie (deposit paid £12)
30 - Colin (deposit paid £30)

31 - Oldgit (deposit paid £25)
32 - Alex Watson (deposit paid £25)
33 - Streethawk



Events, Meets, Ride outs etc / Foccer xmas do 12th December - Bedford
« on: 09 December 2010, 01:52:03 AM »
Mongolian Wok - all you can eat Buffet

1pm onwards in Bedford

3a The Broadway
MK40 2TJ

Your Suggestions and How you can help / Re: List of stickies
« on: 02 November 2010, 02:13:45 PM »

The Laboratory ! / Re: Time?
« on: 31 October 2010, 03:14:50 AM »
Well that's one up on Yuku - it updated itself :D

The Laboratory ! / Time?
« on: 31 October 2010, 03:14:21 AM »
Quarter past 3 GMT.

Your Suggestions and How you can help / Re: List of stickies
« on: 31 October 2010, 03:13:33 AM »
Oh there's no hurry, SMF will be months before releasing a proper version of this software :rolleyes

Your Suggestions and How you can help / Re: List of stickies
« on: 29 October 2010, 08:53:59 AM »
Looks good :thumbup

And yes I left out a few stickies from the old site as otherwise the list would be far too long.

Your Suggestions and How you can help / List of stickies
« on: 14 October 2010, 02:21:41 PM »
Deisels & Lawnmowers
Web Info on Moto-GP, WSB, BSB COMPLETED by MikeRBiker

Fazer thou corner
FCE install lots of pics COMPLETED by Aegis Bearing Mel
Wheel Bearing Designators for Gen 1 Fazer 1000 - In progress by GringoRojo
Ivan's Jet Kit Installation Guide (Very Long Post!) COMPLETED by Aegis Bearing Mel

Fazer hints and tips
HOWTO: Forks: Seals, Bushes and Oil. COMPLETED by John Silva
HOWTO: Replace swingarm bearings. COMPLETED by John Silva
Battery care guide. COMPLETED by John Silva
HOWTO: Balance your carbs- inc video COMPLETED by Andrew
Headlight instructions
Headlight mod pics (Can be merged with above?)
Lost your front sprocket and washer??? COMPLETED by John Silva
Scottoilers "what's wrong with me oiler" COMPLETED by John Silva
Basic servicing guide by Alan and others.. COMPLETED by John Silva
HOWTO: Remove your downpipes and re-paint them - this is also in 'Zorsts, cans, pipes!' COMPLETED by John Silva

FZ6 specific stuff
FZ6 Fault codes COMPLETED by MikeRBiker
FZ6 Fazer Headlight modification COMPLETED by MikeRBiker

Mods, mods and more Mods
Fitting a Motrax Universal Indicator Relay – FZS600 COMPLETED by John Silva
HID kits
Paint job / respray - lots of fazer ideas COMPLETED by John Silva
Kebab19's GOLD VALVE modification for FZS600 forks COMPLETED by John Silva
HOWTO: Fit your heated grips COMPLETED by John Silva
HOW TO: Fit a LEDgear Indicator COMPLETED by John Silva
...and all of Alan Sherman's original posts

Bridgestone Tyres - The Official Line COMPLETED by MikeRBiker

Touring, Rideout routes, GPS - Guides & Questions
How about an "essentials" travel kit AND Gtpete's rough guide to what you need to pack COMPLETED by John Silva
Good routes in Spain (and France)

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