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General / Re: Big Singles
« on: 08 April 2013, 03:38:18 PM »
XT I had was shite. No oomph, topped out before any fun could be had and fuelling was foccing dangerous on wet roads. Went after 2 weeks

General / Re: Hard to believe..........................
« on: 19 February 2013, 07:34:28 PM » link to the original post. Looks like the actual list was on fazermania so no idea where it ended up.

General / Re: Hard to believe..........................
« on: 18 February 2013, 01:23:01 PM »
Gone but never forgotten. still have his mobile number on my phone. Privileged to make his 'Twat' list  :lol

General / Re: why fazer owners club unofficial?
« on: 25 January 2013, 01:38:39 PM »
FOC-U am byth!!!

General / Re: How time flys
« on: 25 January 2013, 09:43:25 AM »
You can't turn the corner without tripping over a drunken, sentimental Scotlandshirer these days :rollin :lol

General / Re: Photography competition January
« on: 25 January 2013, 09:37:54 AM »
Clouds dude. Clouds. Not lack of. Proper real ones. Fluffy and white or black and brooding. But ya need clouds. :-)

General / Re: why fazer owners club unofficial?
« on: 25 January 2013, 09:36:03 AM »
Morning all :-)

General / Re: Photography competition - December
« on: 23 December 2012, 04:45:07 PM »
2 of mine

Sunrise in Porthcawl

Sun over Kasbah Tamadot - Richard Branson's private Kasbah in the Atlas mountains. And yeah I went and uses his loo

General / Re: Please vote for me!
« on: 17 December 2012, 02:54:53 PM »

General / Re: Photography competition - September
« on: 09 September 2012, 05:02:55 PM »
Haven't figured how to get big un's up but here's my two

633 Squadron. Pelicans off the San Diego coast

Eyes bigger than your belly. Again off the SD coast

 Due to possible relocation to the US for work I'm having to sell my Fazer thou. Those of you regulars will know her as 'kitty'. She's SORN, no MOT, due a service and currently not insured hence cheap price. Extras listed below. Will take offers in the close region of £2,200.

Bike is located in South Wales about 3 miles from the M4 halfway between Cardiff and Swansea, just outside Bridgend. PM me for contact number and details. All extras included and don't bother asking if I'll take them off to sell separately as I don't have the time to remove them, list them, package them and then send them off. Dragon and Leprechaun are not included :-) Have the original seat, can and rear shock somewhere buried in the  garage and house so if I can find them I'll throw them into the sale as well..

Deep Purple Metallic Blue
2001 Y Reg
17.7k miles
Ivanised jets for slip on can
Titanium road legal with baffle
Braided front lines
Pazzo levers
Multigauge fuel replacement dial
Renthal 758 bars
Oberon Stainless Steel heavy bar ends
Mirror extenders
Crash bobbins on engine
Ohlins front fork springs and oil
Ohlins rear with remote pre-load
Sargant saddle
Full Givi hard luggage system complete with 21 ltr panniers and 51 litre top box
Autocom with PTT and ken wood pmr radio for bike to bike
Rear hugger
Scott oiler
MRA Vario touring screen
Fender Extender
Bagster Tank Cover colour matched
Bagster Tank Bag colour matched

General / Re: Curiosity of national proportions
« on: 19 March 2012, 07:02:57 PM »
Made in Wales

General / Re: A short message to all the English rugby fans
« on: 13 March 2012, 11:59:10 PM »
and if the the french beat the welsh pleaseeeee... and we beat ireland we'll retain the trophy, alot to ask but an outside chance.
Oh the banter then. :)

Not just beat - you got to overcome nearly a 40 point difference as well. Not sure England have scored 40 points all tournament have they ;-)

General / Re: Photography competition - February
« on: 12 February 2012, 11:57:24 PM »
Call that a lighthouse? This is a lighthouse. And it's home makers cos you can rent out the cottages? Does it count? 8)

Nash Point Light House by made_in_wales, on Flickr

General / Re: Photography competition - February
« on: 12 February 2012, 11:50:38 PM »
crap. quick reply doesn't have smiley  :o insert  :b in appropriate place

General / Re: Photography competition - February
« on: 12 February 2012, 11:39:28 PM »
Who the foc lives in a church or 25' in the air over looking a dodgy oil terminal? Home - go google it

General / Re: Christmas theme
« on: 19 December 2011, 07:09:16 PM »
doesn't work great with a Mac and firefox although looks festive. RHS menu bar overlaps the top menu bar and can't see white text on the white hills

General / Re: Track days in Wales, many moons ago
« on: 30 October 2011, 03:21:31 PM »
llandow is the track that we had 3 track days at i think. a couple were organised by the Ninja club and they extended invites to us via Dom. Had the whole track to ourselves for the day - whilst not the most technically challenging track was a great laugh for £50 or so.

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