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General / Re: Dirty RAC!
« on: 25 October 2012, 08:24:52 PM »
the aa are no better m8 , been paying about 172 a year for a transit tourneo for the last 8 years, nether called them until last week, couldn,t open the back to get the tools out to work as i have boxed of the tools in the rear. they refused to come and open the rear door. :eek  as not an emergencey.  so it cost me 40 in fuel for nothing , self employed. :'(

« on: 25 October 2012, 08:14:22 PM »
just for you two pat and graham b, i shall saddle up a little donkey, and trek up the canals of wales brecon, and then on to the nec, birmingham. so all the pepole on there way to tesco need not worry. :lol  they could even stop me for donkey milk. :rollin

Introduction / Re: hi
« on: 25 October 2012, 08:03:06 PM »
hi bm, welcome,  me not been on here long myself, but everyone seems okay, went on a run last week which i seen on here, hogging the bridge, it was a great day out.

Introduction / Re: Hi from south wales
« on: 24 October 2012, 07:12:21 PM »
welcome jools, me not far either cwmbran just up the road.

« on: 22 October 2012, 08:39:12 PM »
apart from my hobby of motorcycling, i also enjoy walking, perhaps i will walk the 100 miles to the nec to avoid upsetting anyone. :rollin

Events, Meets, Ride outs etc / Re: Hoggin the Bridge
« on: 21 October 2012, 04:24:13 PM »
it was a good day, apart from a bit of fog weather was great.

Introduction / Re: New here
« on: 18 October 2012, 07:27:15 PM »
now then now then, bend over here then. ;)

Introduction / Re: New here
« on: 16 October 2012, 07:11:11 PM »
welcome new foccer :lol  great bike.

Introduction / Re: 1st Fazer
« on: 16 October 2012, 07:09:57 PM »
great bike the same as what i got, have fun m8

General / Re: tara scotland , use your passport to come to england
« on: 16 October 2012, 07:04:57 PM »
a this is good, no welsh bashing for a change 8)  well only a little bit lol, dont tar everyone with the same brush, there is good and bad everywhere, if the scottys want to go alone good luck, but dont come back if it all goes pete tong.

General / Re: tara scotland , use your passport to come to england
« on: 15 October 2012, 08:13:11 PM »
they cant leave, because wales will have no one they can beat in the football. :lol

General / Re: Keeping Visor Clear in Rain
« on: 14 October 2012, 08:48:53 PM »
i find the best way to keep your visor clear in the rain is to stay home :rollin .

« on: 14 October 2012, 08:46:06 PM »
lovely they look great.

Introduction / Re: hi from essex
« on: 08 October 2012, 07:36:12 PM »
hi only passed my test in the summer, great bikes, but gears 1 ,2, and 3 are also a bit clunky,, have been told they are all the same.. :\

Introduction / Re: From Genova, Italy
« on: 20 September 2012, 09:55:49 PM »
hi cecino, welcome nice bike, looks very clean , not a lot of rain there.  :)

the place i always go when when working in cardiff is just on the outskirts, caerphilly mountain. there is a fantastic lodge type place that does breakfast steak rolls etc, good prices amazing views, also its the right side of town to get you on the a470,   merthyr   brecon , crickhowell  abergavenny. chepstow. etc  enjoy. as for  dinner theres loads in cardiff with diffrent budgets.

Introduction / Re: Coming back.
« on: 01 August 2012, 07:20:33 PM »
welcome davey, ride and enjoy :lol

Introduction / Re: intercome
« on: 30 July 2012, 06:20:57 PM »
thanks panthor, they do look good.

Introduction / intercome
« on: 28 July 2012, 09:42:26 PM »
hi all, me is back on my bike after a few years away, just bought a 600 fzs, on a 2000 plate, whats the best sort of intercome to talk to your passengers,or is it just as good to shout. :lol 

General / Re: Olympic torch relay
« on: 17 July 2012, 10:40:15 PM »
dont wast your time , i spent 2 hours avoiding the poxy thing in the midlands about two weeks ago , :lol it must have cost me a tenner in fuel :eek

Introduction / scootoil
« on: 17 July 2012, 10:28:00 PM »
hi everyone me is a newone, just got my full licence and have bought a fzs 600. thinking of fitting a scotoil, are they any good, cheers.

General / Re: Riding in the wet
« on: 17 July 2012, 09:44:24 PM »
i  just passed my test, and feel much the same out in the rain, do what your comfortable with it will come with time.  :) .

Introduction / Re: Another newbie!! New to riding & Fazers :)
« on: 17 July 2012, 04:58:03 PM »
hiya m8 me just passed my test about a month ago got the same bike, got mine from thunder road cwmbran, yes they are very quick :lol , i live in cwmbran see you around.

Introduction / Re: New member riding a '52 FZS600 foxeye
« on: 15 July 2012, 09:22:10 PM »
hiya, i just passed my test bought a year 2000 fzs 600 in red,  had to have it restricted as the wife got my a restricted course, i also live in cwmbran , see you around.

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