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FZS600 Fazer / petrol
« on: 29 March 2012, 08:56:54 PM »
needed to fill up tonight as nearly on red.ques at the pumps and could`nt be bothered to wait,i have a round trip of 38 miles tommrow for work not sure if i`ll make it :\

FZS600 Fazer / bets now being taked
« on: 28 March 2012, 09:13:49 PM »
ok...whos going to take the bets
who gets there bike going first    ADE THE BLADE or RED 98   ade progressing nicely and i think not far from the solution,he will be alright as long as hr stays away from the 98 is seeking proffesional help in the form of an ex yam parts guy so could be a fixer,hes calm at the moment but could explode at the weekend....

FZS600 Fazer / fuel filter
« on: 25 March 2012, 11:27:47 AM »
anyone whos been watching my  `STUTTERING` thread will know ive been spending a fair bit of time solving the problem,so now iam thinking all sorts of silly things  :rolleyes :rolleyes .....has anyone ever changed the FUEL FILTER ? mention of it in the trusty haynes manual,i have noticed pattern filters on ebay,not cheap though...........

FZS600 Fazer / stuttering fzs 600
« on: 11 March 2012, 02:46:51 PM »
my trusty 98 600 fazer has developed a stutter at 7/8000 rpm,i changed the inlet rubbers thinking that this was the problem as they have been split for a few years,but the stutter is still there,its a big one but a bit more gas and it pulls through,i put me carb vacuum guages on this morning and all was well,bike is well looked after and had a good service at the end of last year although the shims have never been looked at,there is a slight tap when cold but soon goes,ive owned the bike for nearly 10 years and never had a problem but with the better weather with us iam keen to sort it out.....iam going to do a compression test this afternoon but iam not expecting anything amiss,just something to cross of the plugs were fitted last service but the caps are origanal so will probably treat it to a new the back of my mind iam thinking coil packs........any one else had simulaar problems ?

Introduction / newbie
« on: 02 March 2012, 07:03:33 PM »
hi all....looked at this site many times and thought it about time i signed up....had my fazer for nearly 10 years now and surprise,surprise its a red one made in 1998,just coming up to 40,000 miles with no real problems,iam based in south bucks and also own a 75 honda 400/4 and a 82 suzuki x7 :)

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