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General / Re: Word Association
« on: 15 December 2018, 10:26:55 PM »

General / Re: Word Association
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General / Re: Three word story
« on: 13 December 2018, 07:49:19 AM »
over Barnier's  pulsating

General / Re: What did you do with whatever else you've got?
« on: 10 December 2018, 10:14:51 PM »
Yep, on the junction of the A272 and A32. Would normally have stopped, but with light fading decided to crack on home.


Pity you can't use our discount code which would get 25% off.

oil feed pipe

Wow that seems expensive, I put a set of cobra twin front braids (Full Pipes) and a rear braided on the FZS for about 70 quid.
But then I guess its a bout a 10th of the price of the original Yamaha oil pipe, that's if you can get one still. 

General / Re: Word Association
« on: 10 December 2018, 05:37:19 PM »

Maybe not such a good idea to have stainless studs and nuts. This has been discussed before, and a better option would be steel studs and stainless nuts, with the possible option of stainless cap nuts to seal the end of the stud. It's been known for a stainless/stainless combination to gall, or fuse together. The steel stud/ stainless nut/cap nut, was the route I chose to go on my thou, and has worked out fine.

General / Re: Word Association
« on: 10 December 2018, 09:23:18 AM »

General / Re: What did you do with whatever else you've got?
« on: 09 December 2018, 06:35:55 PM »
A whizz out today on the ST, to Sammy Millers at New Milton
 Day started off wetter than forecast, but dried up during our breakfast stop at Alton. Not many people at the museum, which suited me fine. Came home on the A272, but didn't bother with Loomies, as daylight was fading fast. Another 235 miles racked up on the old girl, the mileometer rolling over to 62k.

TT100's were far better than the Avon skidmaster (Speedmaster). At that time possibly the best rear tyre was the Avon GP, certainly favoured by most Goldie owners.

General / Re: Word Association
« on: 08 December 2018, 03:09:22 PM »

General / Re: Word Association
« on: 07 December 2018, 02:41:59 PM »

General / Re: Aldi Merino Ski Wear Winter riding
« on: 06 December 2018, 05:57:42 PM »
Mountain Warehouse do a range of merino clothing and there's a 20% discount code (CMW20) which is valid until the end of this month, if that's any help.

General / Re: Word Association
« on: 05 December 2018, 09:17:20 PM »

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Electrics have gone crazy
« on: 05 December 2018, 09:15:36 PM »
I believe it's the coffee that the pedestrian was carrying.

General / Re: Word Association
« on: 04 December 2018, 09:51:45 PM »

General / Re: What made you feel good today?
« on: 04 December 2018, 09:48:47 PM »
Old "Moon Eyes". Happy days indeed. :thumbup :thumbup

General / Re: Word Association
« on: 04 December 2018, 08:42:01 PM »

General / Re: What made you feel good today?
« on: 04 December 2018, 08:35:31 PM »
Just hope that the police are diligent and get their facts right before ramming bikers. :guitar :guitar :guitar 

I can see this going pear shaped and an innocent biker ending up in a wheelchair or a coffin.  :'(
I think the police should stop them the conventional way and question them, if guilty of the crime, they should be given a 10 second start.  :eek
Don't know how you can term these scooter stealing, mugging, acid throwing little cnuts bikers. I've been into bikes all my life and they've got foc all to do with me.Foc em. They deserve all they get and more. If they can't deal with the consequences, don't do the crime, simple as.

The moped muggers aren't stopping when the police try to pull them over in the conventional way. They're trying to evade them. If they don't want to be knocked off they can just pull over when the law requests it. Rocket science it aint :think  .

General / Re: Word Association
« on: 04 December 2018, 04:30:12 PM »

Hi Adrian,
Yep I flew the LOFO flag with my pal Vern who you've met before on the Easter Egg run. Fortunately it stayed dry for the run, which started from a different carpark this year and had me quite concerned when I got to Gorrell Tank to find it full of cars. Yes, it was a good turnout and was as well organised and marshalled as usual. :thumbup

General / Re: What did you do with whatever else you've got?
« on: 02 December 2018, 09:20:56 PM »
Whitstable toy run to Margate Hospital today. Rained pretty much all day, which wasn't forecast, but fortunately stayed dry for the toy run. Heated gloves certainly made the 210 mainly wet miles more than bearable.

General / Re: Word Association
« on: 02 December 2018, 08:35:27 PM »

General / Re: Three word story
« on: 01 December 2018, 08:51:19 PM »
before licking out

General / Re: Word Association
« on: 01 December 2018, 07:19:31 PM »

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