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Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Pegs....lower
« on: 20 April 2019, 10:59:16 PM »
Having done some searches and drawn a virtual blank, I am keen to know if anyone has  fitted lowered footpegs to accomodate a tall rider on a FZS1000? I am 6 ft 6 tall and have a knee replacement ..yes , old f*cker.
Keen to understand what works, AND what does not, and if anyone has any peg lowering solutions for sale???
reupholster the seat and add a few inches of gel padding. Don't think lowering the pegs would not be a good idea,  as it would ruin the ground clearance for cornering

General / Re: Just for VNA a brexit thread
« on: 19 April 2019, 10:07:22 PM »

As for Farage and Johnson, did you get your decimal place in the wrong place?  I would expect them both to worth a heck of a lot more than 1.5 million.
That figure is the celebrity net worth per year. Their personal wealth is probably 100 times that, but did not think it was worth checking :lol :lol :lol

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Year 2000 FZS 600 Gearbox Noise
« on: 19 April 2019, 08:49:48 PM »
What you describe sounds like a false neutral between 5th and 6th. Does it lose drive/power in 6th or not?
First port of call is take off the sprocket cover and check out your front sprocket to ensure everything in there is ok

Yes, my apologies, you are correct I put down the down the wrong size should have been 16/45, going up three at the rear is equivalent to dropping one at the front.
I was replying to a trail bike forum query in relation to the Serow at the same time. :( Note to self answer one query at the time  :rolleyes
I will change the original to read correctly.
It is motorcycling which keeps our heads clear, but difficult to explain to those who have never ridden a bike.
Post how you get on with the 17 tooth, as it may help others

Did you fit the Kliktronic kit yourself?

The title says it ... I want to put the  maximum I can to make this very rapid bike a bit less of a screamer and less gear changing , I have a Kliktronic gear shifter as I am disabled  but even so minimising changes is good ...   I have a 17 waiting ti be fitted here but wonder if i can go higher without getting a longer chaib ... cheers  folks
You are limited by the space between the chain and the clutch pushrod,  I know a 16 tooth fits, but would have doubts as to a 17tooth one fitting safely as it would be extremley close to the pushrod with the chain on. The bigest available rear is 49, but you could probably have a 51 tooth made.16/51 would be almost the same as 17/48 ratio wise. Smallest available rear from JT spockets (I use these mostly) is 38 but it would probably be too small and raise the gearing to much. A 16/45 would be almost the same as 17/48 ratio wise but JT sprockets do not do 45 only 44 or 46. A16/44 would be as low as I would go. Any smaller would be like trying to take off in 2nd gear and would not do the clutch any good. I would not be inclined to recommend the 17 as it could interfere with the clutch operation and that is something you do not want.

Klilktronic is a nice bit of kit, good to see you are still able to ride

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Rev Counter
« on: 19 April 2019, 06:23:38 PM »
You could try moving the TPS. Mark the current position of the TPS, loosen it and move it left then right, tacho should react. The TPS is linked to the Ignitor which sends a signal to the tacho

General / Re: Just for VNA a brexit thread
« on: 19 April 2019, 05:32:17 PM »
Personally, whilst there is the possibility of civil unrest, at least to some small degree, I cannot see any risk of civil war.  I mean the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum passed largely without incidence.
It may not be a civil war as we know of in the past but will be in the same vane of families and friends and neighbours turning against each other, if there is not a quick fix, but a recession/depression then it could escalate to be more serious and even though nobody wants it, with people playing the blame game.
I mean the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum passed largely without incidence.
The difference there was that nothing changed, but Brexit is a different story completely. There will be major changes.

But are people in Ireland concerned?  A hard BREXIT, should it happen, will have a massive economic impact on ordinary people in the UK.   We do a shit load of trade with Ireland, and I would guess we are your biggest agricultural customer.  A hard BREXIT won’t hit you as hard as us, but Ireland could be dragged into recession to some degree.

Then of course the most important part for me is that we cannot undermine The Good Friday agreement.  A hard BREXIT effectively tears up that agreement and forces a border between NI and Eire.  I don’t think a hard BREXIT will happen, but it could happen.
People in Southern Ireland are concerned, but not as much as people Northern Ireland, there is a generation of people in Northern Ireland who have never known trouble times thanks to the Good Friday agreement. They voted to stay in the EU and the party holding the balance of power in Westminister seem to have forgotten that.
The two leading parties in Northern Ireland are so far apart in there heads it is frightening. It needs a third large party with the good parts of both side up there to resolve the problems not two pig headed one track minded parties, both with their own hidden agendas.  :eek Don't get me wrong I would love to see a United Ireland, but these two parties will not achieve it if they cannot even agree on running a government together. Brexit is probably the one thing that may result in a United Ireland
Southern Ireland needs the UK as much as the Uk needs Southern Ireland as they are so intrinsically intertwined going back to 1170 when the Pope asked the King of England to invade Ireland to bring them back on the true path of Catholicism. :rolleyes The horrors of past deeds on both sides need to be consigned to the history books, but learned from (O difficult but necessary) to ensure they never happen again.

The vote to leave the EU was taken in the midst of the Migrant crisis and untruths by the leave group, unchallenged by the stay group and probably the worst possible timing ever seen for a that vote.
I was over and back to Wales regularly after the vote and seeing Wales vote to leave. Met a lot of people in their mid twenties who had jobs and worked on EU Projects could not believe the majority voted to leave. Even they wondered as did I if they were blind to the signs on roads and cities of 10 to 20 projects funded by the Eu to a cost far greater than the UK paid in.
Wealthy people like Nigel Farage who earns between 500,000 to 800,000 a year and can afford private planes to bring him to meetings and Boris Johnson earning over 500,000 a year (Both with net worths over 1.5 million) do not have the will of the working class at heart only what they can gain from the chaos.

General / Re: Just for VNA a brexit thread
« on: 19 April 2019, 12:53:57 AM »
Laughing stock of the EU, especially when they say they want something and then vote against it  :rollin :rollin :rollin
Great TV, its better than any soap opera  :lol
Watching the house of Parliament in action is nearly better than watching 'Yes Minister'. :lol

The Exit side appear to have forgotten why the EU was set up in the first place "To end the frequent and bloody wars between neighbouring countries, which culminated in the Second World War".  :(
It is likely to create a civil war in UK, which is why a double referendum is required as stated previously as it would be the safest option, it sounds like a laughable joke, but it would resolve the issue and prevent a possible civil war.

We had a bloody civil war here in Ireland in 1921 when the country was divided in the direction to take, it turned neighbours against each other even family members against each other and it has taken over 3 generations to get come back from it. I remember growing up back in the 60s where neighbours did not speak to each other over a war than ended 40 years previous.

Another possible outcome if you do leave is, in 2 years Scotland vote to leave the UK to get back into EU Norther Ireland will follow suit 2 years later and then the Welsh will start thinking of doing the same. What started out as Brexit will be a break up the Union.
Then Who am I but just a unbiased casual observer who will need a green card, a passport and pain in the arse customs stops every time I want to visit friends in the UK or pass through the UK to get to France Spain or Netherlands because all the ferries in Ireland to mainland Europe are full when/if the Exiters have their way  :'(

General / Re: Just for VNA a brexit thread
« on: 18 April 2019, 08:37:40 PM »
Great solution, just too easy isn't it :rollin :rollin :rollin

General / Re: Just for VNA a brexit thread
« on: 18 April 2019, 07:22:54 PM »
Why not go back to the people and ask them if they want to have a second referendum on leave or don't leave, your parliament cannot decide what to do, so let the people do it.
Ballot paper would be simple,"Do you thnik we should have a second referendum on leaving the EU? Yes or No.  :eek
Or is that to simple?  :rolleyes

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Gen1 Front master cylinder upgrade?
« on: 18 April 2019, 07:18:39 PM »
Most likely cause of the issue is some corrosion/dryness/wear where the break lever and piston rod on the master cylinder meet.
Remove the lever and clean the end of the lever and the end of the piston rod. (I use a plastic kitchen scrubber)
Apply red rubber grease to the ends and put it back together, that should sort it.Replace the brake hoses as they have softened with age causing the increased travel you mention

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Starter motor gen 1
« on: 18 April 2019, 06:02:37 PM »
Good to see it was a cheap fix. yo caan take the old one apart now and clean the contacts, it will be a handy spare  :thumbup

General / Re: Old man stuff – endoscopy
« on: 18 April 2019, 02:42:06 PM »
Glad to hear you are ok (ish)  Are you sure you weren't beamed up to an alien ship that looks like one of the alien beds you see in the movies. :D As long as anything that's wrong does not prevent you riding the bike it can' be too bad. :thumbup

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Rev Counter
« on: 18 April 2019, 09:23:31 AM »
What is the issue you have? Tacho signal wire goes directly to the ECU

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Starter motor gen 1
« on: 18 April 2019, 09:20:40 AM »
Main fuse in the solenoid is 30 amp on the Fazer 1000.

FZ6 / Fazer / Re: oil filter tool req?
« on: 15 April 2019, 04:50:15 PM »
hi guys just got my s2 recently , just wondered if you really need a oil filter tool for removal or are they generally hand tight ?  the old fzs was hand tight so i havent got a tool but if its difficult to get good access hands on to the s2 filter and if one is needed? if so ill get one prior to oil & filter change
Make sure you get one which fits the filter you are using. On some models the OEM and Pattern have slightly different sized tools

General / Re: what did you do with your fazer today ?
« on: 15 April 2019, 03:09:07 PM »
Nothing today or yesterday weather is absolutely crap.
Pictures are from yesterday and today is worse

The old adage "to finish first, first you must finish"
Great to see Rins and Suzuki doing well. Would have been nice to see Rossi on the top step, but it will give the Suzuki team a much need boost

3 Hondas out of the running, :rolleyes If Lorenzo was a duck he would sink, he is not having much luck.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: EXUP Servo
« on: 13 April 2019, 04:50:15 PM »
Easiest way I found to check the position is start the bike and switch it off with the kill switch, this causes the valve to reset to default position which is the fork on the pulley over the hole. Restart the bike and pulley sets to the idling position, which is about the 10 o'clock position.
It saves turning on and off the key which on most Fazers needs a bit of fiddling. Using this method on the 03 on models or US imports to adjust the cables unplug the the headlight bulbs to save flatting the battery.

When I tested my servo a few years back I did not get the noise you got and it did move, but was extremely difficult to twist the pulley on the servo by hand compared to the replacement.

FZ6 / Fazer / Re: Paint Pains
« on: 13 April 2019, 04:35:13 PM »
Ther was a power blue on the FZ1 and FZ6 which is very like yours, 
Try this looks closer in colour to your picture

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: lacquer the engine or not
« on: 12 April 2019, 11:55:08 PM »
Lacquer is not suitable for engines especially petrol ones as petrol softens/discolours it.  Will crack when subject to extremes of heat.  VHT paint is available in enamel, metallic and matt

Also check the back up fuse and the block connectors under the left panel for corrosion.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: EXUP Servo
« on: 07 April 2019, 09:37:21 PM »
Yes it will move slowly as there is some substantial gear reduction internally.
I had an issues with the 7000 code on the tacho some years ago.
Dismantled the valve replaced the bushes (expensive feckers) and a frayed cable all back together and was still getting the 7000 code.
I removed and dismantled the servo, could not find anything wrong inside motor worked the pulley moved as it should slowly, put light grease on it and reassembled it.
Back on the bike still getting the 7000 code. Finally replaced it with a good second hand one and no more 7000 code.
There was nothing physically wrong that I could see and the only thing I could put it down to was an issue with the controller board within the servo.

General / Re: what did you do with your fazer today ?
« on: 06 April 2019, 10:02:49 PM »
cheers guys yeah was really good, we did Omaha today, all amazing stuff. Normandy is a little cold but bloody brilliant... ;)
Did Omaha beach a few years ago and as you say found it to be an amazing place, well worth the visit.
The poor guys landing on the beach were sitting ducks to the German machine guns.
Did you get to visit the museum?

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