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FZS600 Fazer / Re: Removing Centre Stand - Spring Hints Welcome
« on: 09 April 2019, 10:33:59 PM »
Mine was a pig to get off.

Just getting the bolts out required a lump hammer.
Spring was also a nightmare, even using the coins trick.

A spring puller might make life a little easier.

General / Re: ULEZ and Euro 3
« on: 08 April 2019, 11:29:47 PM »
It's a bloody disgrace we have to pay the same as cars anyway, i think bikes are about 0.1% of the problem.

What about the incinerators the council's keep building?!

General / Re: 6 million memories
« on: 19 March 2019, 09:40:19 PM »
...and erf it be flat.  ;)

General / Re: 6 million memories
« on: 19 March 2019, 06:21:56 PM »

It's probably quite sad that I'm interested in, visit and read about all these things.

It's funny how war crimes were quickly forgotten after the war in exchange for knowledge and technology.
For example, It was the German's that put America on the moon. Surprisingly, I didn't see much reference to that when we visited the Kennedy space centre... but it was all technology derived from the development of the V2 missile, the work of Von Braun and the slave labour camps responsible for building them. I've visited these and they are all equally sick.

It's easy to be hypocritical with all these things. I remember hearing some American lady at Auschwitz saying, "How can a nation stand by and let this happen...people held and tortured, without trial or human rights?!". I asked her if she had heard of Guantanamo Bay? Is it really different? We all choose to ignore it, pretend it isn't there, because it suits our interests.

Anyway, Maybe I'm weird...

General / Re: 6 million memories
« on: 19 March 2019, 07:35:51 AM »

The number that gets me is that "between 50 to 70million people died during WW2"... They can't even put a number on it to the nearest 10million!! I try to remember everyone, not just the Jews.  :(

Auschwitz was a labour camp, I would suggest most people visit Bergen Belsen that was a proper horrendous death camp. I managed to walk around Auschwitz, but Bergen Belsen made me physically sick!

General / Re: Daft flywheel question ??
« on: 25 February 2019, 04:31:05 PM »
I don't know about the FZ6...

But by flywheel do you mean the big toothy steel ring on the back of the clutch basket? If so your clutch is in oil and there will be oil there...

Or do you mean the rotor usually on the end of the crank shaft / left hand side of the engine. This is usually dry and not in oil.

General / Re: Laws / rules for riding in France
« on: 07 February 2019, 01:27:35 PM »
[….It's also illegal in Germany...

I learnt something there also!  :eek
I always filter in Germany. I only do it because I see other bikers doing it and assumed it was legal.  There is usual a good 10miles of stationary traffic around Hanover and I just drop the bike down a gear into loud mode and carve through it.

General / Re: Laws / rules for riding in France
« on: 07 February 2019, 10:10:18 AM »

I learnt something there!! I didn't realise filtering was illegal in France.  :rolleyes I've been riding through France a couple of times a years for the last 10years and filtering everywhere!  :eek :eek

I must admit I don't bother with the headlight mods (it's a fazer), I carry a high viz and my plate has a GB sticker on it, that's about it. I don't carry spare bulbs, breathalysers or have the reflective stickers on my helmet. I seem to remember reading that no one has ever been fined for not having these?

The roads are pretty straight forward, 2 major differences to be aware of:

1. Dodgy roundabouts - they have some which are the same as in the UK, but also some where you have priority coming onto the roundabout but not once you are on it. Or Arc de Triomphe, where you have priority coming on and coming off, but not once you are on the roundabout!  :eek

2: Priority Right / "priority a droite" - This image explains it better then I can... basically on some major roads, a car on an adjoining minor road has priority and can pull out on you between these signs. It's worth knowing about!! 

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Fzs600 self destruct
« on: 31 January 2019, 04:34:10 PM »
As above... plus the exhaust studs are a joke.  :)

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Luggage?
« on: 31 January 2019, 01:19:33 PM »

How long are you going for? Are you on a budget for your luggage? With a pillion or solo?

Lockable, hard luggage is a godsend, because it's easy on and off (when you leave/arrive at your hotel) and can be left securely on the bike when you go off walking or exploring.

The alternative is soft luggage and side panniers - cheap at about £40, but a pain to on/off load and not secure if you plan to leave your bike and luggage unattended.

Personally, If I was traveling solo for a week or less in warm July, I would travel with superlight minimalist clothes and just a 40 -50 Litre topbox only.
With a pillion, in colder weather or for 10days+, I'll reluctantly add on the soft panniers also.

Best advice I ever had about touring was to make 2 piles:
   Pile 1) Stuff you'll definitely need,
   Pile 2) Stuff you might need
Take with you half of Pile 1 and none of Pile 2. The bike rides better and it's so much easier un/packing and un/loading the bike every day.

Where are you going? a lot of people on here tour France.

General / Re: aprils french invasion..
« on: 14 January 2019, 11:38:50 PM »
Ferry to Caen, Cherbourg or St Malo. Try

The ferry to Caen arrives next to Juno beach infront of a bunker!

General / Re: aprils french invasion..
« on: 14 January 2019, 03:46:04 PM »
Your profile suggests you're in the west of the UK... Crossing to Caen and seeing the D-day beaches would be easier and worthy of a long weekend if you've not been before.

General / Re: aprils french invasion..
« on: 14 January 2019, 03:35:06 PM »

I've been around all of those places! Mimoyecques, La Coupole, Le Bockhaus, Todt battery, Lindemann battery… The market garden bridges, D-day landing beaches, The dambusters lakes, most of the atlantic wall, the Rheine, The bridge at Remagen, The Ardennes, all the submarine pens on the West coast, Oradour-Sur-Glane, some of the marginot and seigfried lines and a few concentration camps along the way.

I love all that stuff, You'll have a great time.. if you like that sort of thing!  :)

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Clutch
« on: 04 January 2019, 12:56:27 AM »
Pay attention to the torque on those boss screws. I think manual states just 8Nm, which is less then screwdriver tight.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Farewell but not goodbye
« on: 27 December 2018, 08:06:04 PM »
Mine was a French 'Spigaou' bike which was originally supplied with a 125 engine, so cheaper to insure as not modified.
Chinese bike built to a marginally higher French/European specification...
Well that's what I told the guy that bought it off me. ;-)

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Farewell but not goodbye
« on: 27 December 2018, 04:42:29 PM »
I had a 125 after seeing monkey bikes everywhere during a trip to Southern France.  This went in the boot of my 1-series bmw and came around Devon and Cornwall. Fun for round town in Summer.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Cylinder head removed
« on: 27 December 2018, 04:38:13 PM »
Getting the pistons back in is quite easy as the fzs600 has a slight taper/lead on the edge of each cylinder, so you can guide the piston rings in with your fingers, you'll just need a grown up (extra set of hands) to help you guide the head and/or prevent the crank from turning so you can do the pistons two at a time.

If re-using the gaskets i would be tempted to run a small bead of auto gasket over them... But then I wouldn't reuse them. If you've gone to tge trouble of pulling the engine out to do major service work, I'd stretch to the extra £60-80 for the gaskets.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Engine is out; suggest servicing recommendations
« on: 25 December 2018, 06:45:23 PM »
If the engine is out and the valves do need adjusting (they will likely not need adjusting amd still be in spec)
, It might be worth considering a camchain change.

I would be tempted to change the camchain anyway (it'll cost you a day and about £100 in parts and gaskets), but you might as well with the engine out.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Spark plug drain holes
« on: 25 December 2018, 06:40:59 PM »
As said above, use the centre stand and give the whole area a good blast with wd-40 straw periodically.

When my bike used to sit outside, on the sidestand for long periods of time, i was changing spark plug 3 every 6months, Because they were corroding.

General / Re: London riders: New Emisions, does it effect you!
« on: 02 December 2018, 09:17:49 PM »
^that's true if it's like existing congestion charge zone. You can skirt round it but not enter it.

I live in central london and will be screwed. It will be time to give up biking I think, as anything decent gets nicked or someone will stab you for it at the lights. :-(

General / Re: Where to find employment legal advice?
« on: 04 November 2018, 12:27:23 PM »
Thanks fellas! I appreciate the sympathy, but no worries, I'll be ok! :-)
To answer the question, I'm in technical sales.

I don't mind paying for legal support. I'm just trying to be sensible with money for the forseeable future.
Also I have no idea where to start with getting it. I didnt want to just google search for employment legal advice and take a gamble.
I'll try citizens advice and ACAS on Monday, unless anyone can recommend a good legal specialist?

Perhaps trade union isn't the best way to go. To be honest, I have always been anti-trade union. I started out working for a large engineering firm (part of the IMI empire) and watched the union drive it into the ground. I could tell you some crazy storys. :-(

I'll gladly share the full story of my circumstances once this is all resolved.

General / Re: Just for VNA a brexit thread
« on: 04 November 2018, 10:47:51 AM »
Technical Sales.

General / Re: Just for VNA a brexit thread
« on: 04 November 2018, 10:20:27 AM »
Don't talk about me. :-) I'm not after sympathy, just giving you my perspective on Brexit.

I was working for a big (french) multinational corporation when the original brexit vote happened. The 20% devaluation of the pound scrubbed £200mil off the value of the UK business overnight  :eek . In my team alone, they put 70 jobs at risk and reduced the team to 35, with further cuts to follow! I left.

Now I'm at a big american corporation. They look at the UK as their European headquarters, all senior management speak English and the company is the hub for free trade into and around Europe. Now Brexit means Britain is no longer considered a hub of Europe, they will be stripping the company with the intention of devaluing and selling it.
Hence the redundancies.

Anyway, that's just my personal perspective, which just happens to be negative. Perhaps some people can tell us how they have been positively affected and cheer us all (well me) up.  :b :D

General / Re: Where to find employment legal advice?
« on: 03 November 2018, 06:08:54 PM »
I'm not a member of a union. Which one would be best to join and how quickly could I make use of their legal services?

I am keen to get a professional on the case.. My main concern is around claiming some outstanding benefits, which they are trying to deny me. But I'm also unclear about how they can make my old position redundant, so want a professional opinion on that to.

Thanks for the advice, keep it coming.

General / Re: Just for VNA a brexit thread
« on: 03 November 2018, 03:02:55 PM »
I appreciate the sympathies, but I'll be ok..  Alot of people won't be though.

I don't know many business looking forward to brexit. Maybe betting shops, loan sharks and alcohol retailers?! :-P

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