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Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Silver Engine Paint
« on: 12 March 2017, 08:33:16 PM »
Looks awesome. Well done that man.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Givi/Kappa tankbag ring needed
« on: 04 March 2017, 06:06:58 PM »
I can confirm that the BF05 tank ring is the one to go for on the Gen 1 Fazer thou  :thumbup :thumbup

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Givi/Kappa tankbag ring needed
« on: 26 February 2017, 10:23:50 PM »
I too was pondering over which Givi tanklock ring to order for my Fazer 1000 and also noted that they didn't list a fitment on the Givi website. However, I checked the aj sutton website and discovered that the same fuel cap assembly is listed for multiple bikes (as you would expect) that are listed under the BF05 application so I can't see a reason why it wouldn't fit. I've pulled the trigger on one anyway so expect it to arrive later this week. I will then provide an update.


For Sale & Wanted / Re: Wanted: GSXR J K L M era clock bracket please.
« on: 13 August 2015, 07:36:23 PM »
Yes that's what I need bud. Don't fancy that one though due to the postal charges

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Fazer Parade - What you got
« on: 07 August 2015, 09:40:48 AM »
Black Beauty

R6 shock
Pazzo levers
Venhill brakelines
GSG crash bungs
Motografix Paintwork Protection Kit
Fender Extender
Oberon Preloaded adjusters
Powerbronze Screen
Beowulf Radiator Guard, Hugger and Exhaust
Yamaha Bellypan


For Sale & Wanted / Re: Wanted: GSXR J K L M era clock bracket please.
« on: 07 August 2015, 09:00:12 AM »
Hi unfazed. That would be really helpful and appreciated. Yes it would be a slingshot model. Being slightly bent is ok as long as it's repairable.

Regards, Lez

For Sale & Wanted / Re: Wanted: GSXR J K L M era clock bracket please.
« on: 06 August 2015, 06:17:36 AM »
Hi unfazed.  I don't have pictures of the original one unfortunately.  I believe that a bracket from an 89, 90 or 91 model would suffice though.

Do you have one ?

For Sale & Wanted / Wanted: GSXR J K L M era clock bracket please.
« on: 04 August 2015, 09:49:28 PM »
Hi foccers. As the title suggests I'm after a GSXR 750 clock mounting bracket that fixes to the rear of the speedo and tacho and has the fitting for the square set of idiot lights (those who have one will know what I mean).
I think that the 750 J K L and M models all had the same bracket and maybe even the 1100's.

This is required pretty urgently so if anyone has one lying around please send me a PM.


Come on folks. This jacket is close to perfect condition and already less than half price. You'll be glad of it come winter.

1st offer of £130 secures it.


As the title suggests I have a Dainese Ice Sheet Goretex Jacket for sale.

It's an EU size 54 so is a UK 44 chest.

I have worn it about a dozen times and it has been washed prior to the sale and is practically mint.

It cost over £300 new so I am looking for £150.

It is an extremely warm winter jacket with a removable lining for milder days.

Postage will be free within the UK.

I will try to upload some photos but if you are interested you can Google search it. I think Dainese do this jacket in various colours but mine is black with the grey stripe down the sleeve.

Please send a PM if interested.


Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: brake or fork oil ?
« on: 30 April 2015, 12:20:32 PM »
Good to know you've sourced the issue red.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: brake or fork oil ?
« on: 28 April 2015, 09:56:50 PM »
My right leg fork seal let go last year without me knowing and due to the bike being stood for some time I had exactly the same symptoms as you red. I too thought it was a brake fluid leak but on closer inspection it was the fork seal that had popped and given the brake caliper a good soaking.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Dead Battery or Something Else
« on: 09 April 2015, 07:12:57 PM »
 :thumbup Glad it's all sorted now.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Dead Battery or Something Else
« on: 06 April 2015, 11:29:25 PM »
I would say it's defiantly the battery. People seem to get different service life out of their batteries depending how they have been treated. One Yuasa battery may last 5 years but another might last 10. From the fact that when it initially died and you charged it enough to show a healthy charge which started the bike doesn't actually mean it was in a healthy condition. Some chargers are ambiguous at best. I generally trust how the battery performs over what my Optimate says.
The symptoms you speak of and the scenario you provided point straight to the battery for my money.
A few months ago I had issues with my car battery. I took it off and charged it. The battery itself has a green light displayed when it's in healthy condition and fully charged. I charged it overnight until the green light was displaying and put it back on the car. I then had the doors open for 10 minutes so the interior lights were on. After the 10 minutes the battery had totally discharged and wouldn't start the car. A healthy battery would last far longer than this. I fitted a new battery and the problem was solved with no issues since. Even if I leave her for a couple of weeks she will start without issue.
I feel certain that a new battery will solve the problem.

General / Re: Big yeller thingy in de sky
« on: 06 April 2015, 06:24:52 PM »

Always wondered what your day-job was  :lol

See, even Superman rides a  :faz

Yes, and it's a black fazer. The argument has finally been settled about which colour is fastest

General / Re: Fzs 1000 centre stand spring
« on: 06 April 2015, 06:22:37 PM »
I've always found Fowlers pretty good for genuine spares.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: New carbon bits fitted to gen 1
« on: 04 April 2015, 11:01:30 PM »
Stunning. I want it

General / Re: What's the fastest colour?
« on: 04 April 2015, 09:14:47 AM »
Definitely black.

General / Re: Summer footwear
« on: 02 April 2015, 01:18:06 AM »
Alpinestar SMX 4 or 5's .

For Sale & Wanted / Re: Wanted - Gen 1 FZS1000 or VFR800 pre VTEC
« on: 01 April 2015, 01:02:31 PM »
Title adjusted showing I would also consider a nice pre VTEC VFR 800. The closer to Leicestershire for viewing the better.

For Sale & Wanted / Re: Wanted - Gen 1 FZS1000
« on: 31 March 2015, 05:32:29 PM »
No thanks frosties.   I will be looking for something much tidier than that. Looks like a tatty barn find. I'm sure whoever buys it will be chuffed after spending a few grand on it though.


For Sale & Wanted / Re: Wanted - Gen 1 FZS1000
« on: 31 March 2015, 01:32:25 PM »
Come on folks. There must be something out there ? :\

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Conti Road Attack
« on: 25 March 2015, 08:49:34 AM »
I found the CRA2's I had on my boxeye to be pretty good in both wet and dry conditions. Don't know about the extra power of the 1000 though but I can't imagine they would be too bad. I would go with PR2's, 3's or 4's if the budget permitted based on other riders good reviews though.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Genuine Clutch Cable - Worth it?
« on: 25 March 2015, 08:43:02 AM »
Definitely buy a genuine one.  Suttons is a great site for checking for parts but I usually order from Fowlers who I generally find to be much cheaper for genuine parts.

General / Re: what did you do with your fazer today ?
« on: 23 March 2015, 07:14:24 PM »
GWS Doddsie.  I feel the pain for both yourself and how you must be feeling about both your injuries and the sad demise of that immaculate boxeye.

It's a sad fact that it would appear only a very small percentage of drivers have even half a clue how to drive these days. Very few drivers know exactly what's going on around them at any given moment. Most only react to what happens as far away as the end of their bonnet which appears to be what happened here.

Anyways, I digress.  GWS

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