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Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: what would you do?
« on: 24 September 2012, 09:26:50 AM »
I rode Bandits for the last 6 years 600's, 1200 and 1250 - lovely ride loadsa grunt whenever you need it.  Swapped for an '09 Fazer 1000 and don't regret the change - it takes a couple of days for the smile to fade every time I ride out.  The Fazer is superior in every way - if your feel the need to change go for the after '07 Fazer. You won't regret the change.  Its a different class from the rest.
Good luck with it whatever you decide.
Be cool - stay alive..

Introduction / Re: Hi all
« on: 15 July 2012, 06:29:26 PM »
Hi Steeeve66, 
I don go to town at all if I can help it!  I'm retired so can plpease myself st of the time.  Where do you ride? 
I got a Sister in law in Tunbridge Wells and ride all over Sussex / Kent  - when it stops raining that is.  Oh S***t I've started moaning about the bloody rain again :)   - really must pull myself together!!

General / Re: Riding in the wet
« on: 15 July 2012, 06:15:26 PM »
I'm not a fast, racer type, but I do ride in all weathers and don't really worry about it. I just slow down.
Like someone else said, you need to relax your upper body and relax your grip on the bars. Use your knees against the tank to give you a feeling of stability when turning. If your tyres are in good nick and are proper sports-tourer types, they'll probably outperform your skills, so don't think they're suddenly gonna give way under you - they're not!
Just avoid hard accelleration and braking. People will tell you to avoid manholes and white lines, but if your speed is constant, there's no need to slalom around everything as though they're bags of nails  :lol
Absolutely on target - nothing to add - man you've said it all.....


With all the agg I see here - wot about  -  SELL IT - AND BUY ANOTHER BUGGER WHEN YOU WANNA RIDE AGAIN!!
THat way the bike will go to a good home and be loved up and you can start a new and exciting affair we you have the inclination !

Introduction / Hi all
« on: 14 July 2012, 09:21:08 AM »
Just introudcing myself - I'm a new boy to this Forum so if the message ends suddenly its because I hit the wrong key.!!
Been riding on and off since I was 16 (long time ago) - and the current bike is a ''58 Reg Fazer FZ1A (whats the Gen1 ) part I keep seeing??
Bike is RED and is the match of the one shown in the Forum Logo as far as I can see. Bought in January this year and still loving it.
I live in Morden Surrey and don't see too many Fazers around here.  Where you all from ?
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