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Introduction / Hi I'm new hear
« on: 25 March 2020, 09:43:07 PM »
Hi All,
I thought as we've all got a bit of down time at the moment, i would take a pause and introduce myself, I'm Ben im a little new to this wonderful world of 2 wheels, after years of saying i'll do my test i finally did it the day before my 30th birthday! since then i bought a X reg FZS600 and i love it! it has a little battle damage from the privious owner (icy road) but mechanically its fine and the damage im sure i will get round to sorting when the right parts come up. the bike had already had the fairing removed and had different dog bones in to lower the bike. ive since raised it back to standard as i didnt like how upright the bike sat on its side stand, the handle bard had to get change as the ones on it was very tall and narrow so some renthel flat bars now sit lovley on the yokes. I also didnt like the rear end so i made my own tail tidy to sort that out. i have a few more plans but for now im just going to get used to it and build my confidence on the road. thanks for reading i will attempt to get a few pics on, if anyone could guide me as i have tried a few times and nothing seems to work at the moment!


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